Remember at the Republican Primary debates, when Donny Little Hands questioned Marco Rubio’s manhood, accusing Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination, Carly Fiorina’s face, and Megyn Kelly’s womanhood. What was the response of those who were standing there as opponents or members of the press. THEY DID NOTHING.

That gave Donny a whole new spin on how to deal with all folks that he doesn’t like. He knows that they will be ladies and gentlemen when speaking to him and never get down into the gutter with him. You know what folks, civility is out the window. When I hear friends and family members say things like, “You should not get down to his level,” I cringe. This sort of talk reminds me that one of the Clinton-Donny debates, Donny walked behind Clinton and was allowed to wander around while Clinton was talking. No one seemed to be in control.

What would I do if Donny did that to me during anything like a debate or discussion, I would go behind him and whisper in his ear, “Cut out the crap and if you don’t, I really don’t mind going back to jail.”

Having been a public person at some point in my life, I have had people like Donny challenge me in a most uncivil manner at public gatherings. Although I am a pretty civil kind of person, these “make trouble at any cost “people have no right to scream epithets or cast doubt on your sincerity and rightmindedness by cursing your family or ethnic background.

I am currently amazed that this poor excuse for a human being is allowed to disgrace our military, disparage almost all of our allies, call the leaders of our friend’s names and tell lies about almost everything. Just the other day Donny condemned Western Europe for allowing too many immigrants into their countries. He said that crime is on the rise in countries like Germany. In truth Germany’s crime rate is lower than any time since 1992.

His new program of separating immigrant families and ripping children away from their mothers is something that we condemn in other countries. He has created internment camps in 2018. Where are the condemnations from those who Pastor Niemoller warned us against would them come for us.

He will continue to do these things and “tweet out” more disgusting things until someone or some group decides not to be a group of “ladies and gentlemen.” There is no need for civility now. There is now a time for rudeness, name calling, and action. I refer you to the Committees of Correspondence during the Revolutionary War. They were also said to be acting in a rude manner (the Boston Tea Party) by 2/3 of the colonists.


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