With my current Gluten free and Fod Map diets (no lactose, not legumes), I am a bear to cook for. Going out to a restaurant is always an adventure. The way things are going with gluten free food on menus, that’s one down and one to go. Milk and soft cheeses are pretty simple to avoid. However, even in the best restaurants, greens are often things I cannot eat.

This brings me back to my loving wife and her lifelong ambition to lose 5 lbs. and eat healthy. She always kind of glares at me when we come off a vacation and I have lost weight and she has gained. She tolerates my strange behaviors and eating habit.

You must understand that Carol is a very good cook. She doesn’t think so, but I do. I grew up in a household with women who had no idea how to cook. My grandmother would put cut up chicken potatoes, carrots and sometimes prunes in a pressure cooker for 8 hours or more. I was always afraid that it would blow. It never happened. Do you know what happens when you do that? You come out with long strings of chicken, which I have always referred to as SPOOL CHICKEN>

Carol’s mom taught her almost nothing about cooking. She had to learn on her own. Her first year’s cooking, because she was in her senior year in college was limited to shepherd’s pie. Her second year was mostly roast chicken and on and. She seemed to experiment with desserts, including the time she used Peach Schnapps instead of water in orange Jello. It was her most successful dessert because everyone got drunk.

As the years went by, she became expert. Our daughter and granddaughter are darned good cooks. They each have their own specialties. At this point in our lives, down here in Adult Disneyworld, Carol spends less time on cooking than ever before. Actually, she insisted that we purchase a house with a micro sized kitchen.

Once in a while Carol will get this yearning to create something new. She shares her creation with some of her friends, who also share their creations with us. When we have a gathering of our friends, there is usually enough food left over to feed all of the Marines at Parris Island.

Recently, Carol got a recipe for lentil soup. She does search out interesting recipes that are low in calories, have no gluten and are fod map free. She worked hard at creating this soup. She made quarts of it, s that she could share it with our friends. Our first meal with the soup as the first course was exciting. Love to sample new creations.

I have had lentil soup before and it is o.k., not one of my favorites. Carol told me that this was different. It even looked different; an amalgam of spinach looking stuff, a dark green color with little pieces of dark green in the mix. I raised my spoon to my mouth and ingested the soup. I did not get any taste at first, but as I swallowed, it kind of bit the back of my tongue. It was kind of how you taste wine as it goes down your gullet.

Carol saw the look on my face. She said nothing at the time. I finished the soup and went to the main course. At the end of dinner, Carol asked me about the soup. I am always honest with her. I did not like it. She suggested that I put in condiments to my taste. I told her that I would do that. I have not done it yet.

She gave the soup to one of our friends, who liked it, but suggested that she has to put salt and pepper in it. That’s the thing with Carol. She does not like anything spicy, or condiment laden. In most foods, that is fine. With soup, it may not be.

Carol was not too happy with me. Her response was to feed me carrot soup, which was made by a friend, offer me our favorite soup that she makes and that’s Gazpacho. She is also terrific with matzoh ball soup. Her matzoh balls are the best I have ever tasted. They literally fly off the plate.

There had to be redemption in this activity. Fortunately, we come from an area in Harrisburg, where people seem to drown in cabbage soup. Carol and her Harrisburg friends share recipes. The lentil soup fracas has been ameliorated by a large helping of cabbage soup and a great steak served piping hot with veggies. Bring on the next new soup.


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