Well, another year has passed us by and I realized that we have had no communication with you’uns this entire time. We write these Christmas letters so that you will know what we have been doing and maybe get a card with money in it in return. That’s mostly from our families. Always good to ask. All they can say is no.

Lucky for us that we kept our jobs. Vance is still doing his two jobs of opening bottle caps at local bars and freezing off gum and the local movie theater. I am still at K-Mart being a greeter and helping disabled folks while they are in the bathroom. You meet such great people there because you get close to them as you help them take down their panties and then pull them up. Them poor folks just have no abilities to do that.

Our kids are doing real well. Honeybottom just graduated from 6th grade. She was the oldest kid in her class and she was so proud of that. Not often that a 15 year old is in 6th grade. That’s quite an accomplishment. She also has a job now after school and during the Summer. She works at the mall near here pumping up tires on baby strollers what needs it. She doesn’t really get paid, but gets tips from people who are passing by. Must be her personality that gets her all that money in the cigar box she has out front. Last week she made 15 dollars.

Piebrain, our son, has enlisted in the military. We are not sure which of the branches. He didn’t tell us before he went. He said he would write to us when he got stationed or something. I believe he will not be in this country after his training. He was told by his recruiting guy that he would probably be stationed permanently in someplace called North Korea. Never heard of the place, but it sounds exciting.

Did a bunch of traveling. Now that we have some extra money because we are working. Got some freebies in the mail advertising a free meal if you went to some kind of money management thing. Arrived at this motel and sat down with a bunch of people we didn’t know. The guys running this show were really friendly and asked us where our investments  were. We told them that we had most of our investments in our mattress . Probably shouldn’t have told them that. They looked kind of clean cut, but you never know.

We also visited auntie Fern Farkas. We hadn’t seen her in a long while. What with all of her problems and time in jail for shoplifting in a Dick’s sporting goods store. She and her boy friend Needles Narishkeit seem to be doing well. They still live in half a mobile home near the town dump. They are pretty good at finding stuff there that they can use and sometimes sell.

They were so glad to see us. Fern is my mom’s sister from her father’s fifth wife (girlfriend). She has always been the closest to me in the family. Being as she is older than me, I always looked up to her, especially when she taught me things like lifting things from the dollar store and putting on clothes under your coat when you go into a changing room at a clothing store. Those lessons have really helped me through my life.

Yes, and our dancing has really improved. Vance and I turn on our Philco radio and wait for some old timey dance music and cut a rug (that’s what my grandma used to say). We are thinking of going onto one of those dancing shows on the t.v. We saw the program a couple of times when we walked past the appliance store. If things continue to go well, we might get a t.v. this next year.

Well, we hope that you’uns have a great new year and hope that we can link up with you sometime soon

Vance and Verna Feldspar


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