This is a really tough one for me. For I am not a Christian, much less a “Good Christian.” In this time in history, the word Christian has undergone a miraculous change. No longer are those of the Catholic faith, the first Christian faith, considered Christians, but those of all of the Protestant denominations. I am not sure where Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Church of Latter Day Saints, etc. reside in what category.

I have now been told by the media and those who profess to be Evangelical Christians that there is a specific kind of belief that makes you a “Christian.” I can gather from their explanations that you cannot be a Democrat and be a Christian. I am sure that there are Democrats who would probably be surprised by that statement.

Good Christians do not believe in certain parts of the bible. For instance, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” is not part of the Christian faith. As an unbeliever, I was always convinced that both the old and new Testaments were pretty much agreed that was a standard for Jews and the followers of Jesus Christ.

Who then is left to lead these new “Christians?” I dug back into history and came up with guys like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wycliffe, or Huldrych Zwingli; they don’t seem to mesh with any of the modern evangelicals.

There also seems to be a split between some evangelicals and others. The split seems to rest with whether  one follows the Reverend Hagge and religionists like him and people who follow Joel Osteen or other T.V. evangelists. I cannot tell why this is, but it sounds something like what the Sunnis and Shia. There are also many smaller divisions that have sprung up since Mohammed died.

There are also quite a number of schools of jurisprudence in all of these streams. Does that sound familiar? Judaism also has many of these same attributes.

So what are the attributes of the “Good Christians?” I believe that since most of them guns and believe fervently in the second amendment that must be part of their ethos. Supporting politicians, who pretend to be god-fearing church going men? Do not believe in the separation of church and state. Believe that since they have a direct line to the almighty, his work is above the law.

According to the faithful, this country was founded by the faithful Christians. Among them Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and so on. That means that there is a specific kind of religion that rules our country. The current president embodies each of these principles. That is why he is so supported.

Judge Roy Moore is a hero because of his steadfast belief in the Ten Commandments, not the Bill of Rights. All of his actions, both past and present are guided by the good lord. Why even the Governor of Alabama supports him, even though she believes the non-believers who were sexually harassed by Roy Moore.

Of course, this is all very confusing to a non-believer. Sometimes, I am happy about that. I am kind of frightened by the group of Evangelical Christians who believe that the current President is the anti-Christ.







One thought on “WHAT IS A GOOD CHRISTIAN ?

  1. Great!!! There are so many definitions of ‘Christian’ these days. Hope you guys don’t mind if I identify with the Jewish tradition until somebody straightens out the Christians.

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