By this time, most of you have heard or read about Senator Bob Corker being critical of President Trump. His words are actually pretty scary. However, now that our world has been further divided, we can no longer be sure of how certain people perceive what is going on.

We have now been divided into even more groups. We now have liberals and conservatives, globalists and non-globalists, establishment Republicans, moderate Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats and a world filled with immigrants, dreamers, non-white people, and the one percenters and on and on.

To say that I am confused would be to understate my feelings about things. I have just read an article that clarifies almost everything for me. The gist of the article is that Steve Bannon is very happy about Senator Corker’s rant about President Trump. He now has a cudgel to whip the entire establishment Republicans.

Since Corker laid out the scene that many Republicans in the senate feel the same way as he does, Bannon will now be able to blame the “establishment” for the lack of action on health care, tax reform and other high minded legislation.

Meanwhile, we await the sturm and drang that the President has promised to lay on the “little rocket man.” I am not sure what that means, but it does rattle my bones. Do people like Steve Miller, Bannon, and Jones really believe that brinkmanship with a deluded dictator will cure the ills of the world? Will ripping up the Iran agreement make the Middle East any safer?

I guess now I know what a globalist is. It is someone who does not want World War III to break out. Do these fragmentalists (my word) believe that they will change the course of our country by deluding their own followers for much longer? Yes, polls don’t always work, but most of the time they do. Unless, of course an election was “rigged” (I forgot who used those words) with the help of a foreign friend.

Having spent most of my adult life advocating and living with rural people, the same lack of understanding permeates our current government. The prejudice against rural people is long standing. The current crop in Washington is no different than those that came before. Their mantra is that rural people are dumb and you can put things over them.

No, they are not dumb. They were looking for someone to lift them out of the doldrums. They wanted someone who understood their needs. They wanted someone who spoke their language and could dethrone the liberals who had never understood them.

It is now dawning on many people in rural areas of our country that they have been hornswoggled. The new elitists speak a different jargon, but they still have the same view of rural folks. If anyone has ever seen the movie, “Face in the Crowd,” with Andy Griffith, you will know what I mean.

Watch it all of you deconstructers. You will have awakened a sleeping giant who will not look kindly at you and your confreres.








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