Colin Kaepernick will suffer most for his kneeling as a signal that violence against black men is not what this country was founded on. None of the people, coaches, players, owners in all of the sports leagues, entertainers, politicians,  will  suffer like Colin.

So we have a prejudice against those athletes, or rather black athletes who make a great deal of money for a few years and then retire. Is it true that we resent the money that they make, or the color of their skin? Take a look to see how long these people last in their chosen sport of mayhem and violence. I believe the tenure is about 3 years and all the players don’t make as much money as Russell Wilson and Cam Newton.

Should we now castigate Senator Corker who has said that it is only because of General Mattes, Secretary Tillerson and General Kelly that we have not descended into chaos? He may not have knelt, but he certainly disrespected our President. Is that equivalent to kneeling?

Let’s observe the chief female grabber’s history with the flag and the national anthem. When the Vietnam War occurred, Mr. Trump got 5 deferments. He never was in the military while our countrymen fought and died for their country. He was living off dad’s money and having a ball. If you are interested about his deferments go to and read how he managed to stay home and respect the flag and the national anthem.

Our country was built on disrespect. We disrespected the British for trying to make us in their own image. Our founding countrymen and women did more than kneel to not pay obeisance to the crown. They fought and died for their ideals.

The disrespect for the status quo took many forms. It led to the fight that women made against the hegemony of white males. The disrespect shown by Rosa Parks to think that she could sit anywhere on a bus or a lunch counter. The gall of Mohammed Ali to object to the Vietnam War and forsake his career as a boxer. We saw the disrespect of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who refused to salute the flag in 1944 which led them to the Supreme Court and their victory in Barnette v. West Virginia.

We saw disrespect when we did not have a national anthem from the time we were formed until 1931, Although the lawyer Francis Scott Key wrote the words in 1814, the song went through many argumentative phases. Some critics saw the words as anti-British (which they were) while we were allies in WW I, and others, especially military bands played them as part of their repertoire of patriotic songs.

Another objection was that the song required a special voice with a very large range, maybe 4 octaves. To prove that the song could be song by sopranos, congress organized 4 sopranos to sing before congress to show that even a woman with a high voice could sing it. There was still objection and other suggestions. President Hoover signed the bill making in official in January of 1931.

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team showed disrespect to the anthem by playing God Bless America at their games. They believed that playing that song by Kate Smith would bring them luck. It did as they won 2 straight Stanley Cups.

I have been to many sporting events in my almost 79 years. My experience at all levels of sports has shown me that there are people who just don’t stand for the anthem. Whatever their reasons, I have no idea. I always stand for the anthem. I have also sung the anthem for a number of sporting events. It always gives me chills. That’s my opinion.

I could see why certain people would not stand. They have their reasons. I understand that they have a right and maybe a duty to stand by their convictions. Our forefathers, our fallen military people, our great heroes in this country fought the battles to enable us to choose and carry out our convictions. Let it always be thus and in our minds, hearts and vision always see our flag unfurled. We are still the most wonderful country in the world.









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