You may recall that at the end of the Republican primary season in 2016, the nominee of the party made an interesting proposal. It made the news media for a couple of days and then disappeared. The gist of the information was that the current president approached John Kasich, governor of Ohio about being his running mate. The discussion revolved about the president doing all of the public work, speeches, rallies and suchlike, and that Kasich would actually run the government.

Governor Kasich refused the offer. It was seen, at the time, just a blip on the screen of the candidate. He was doing so many other odd things that this event faded into obscurity. It did not dawn on me recently that it may well have happened.

There is no one, leaker or otherwise, who has actually seen the president sit down at a desk or other work stations to do anything other than tweet. That is what the president thinks is his job. All other normal presidential activities seem to be done by others.

As we have seen, he is good at sitting at a desk and signing his name to executive orders that mostly don’t mean anything. He still is in campaign mode and goes out and makes rambling speeches about nothing in particular. He spends a bunch of King Lear time fighting the forces allied against him in the Russia probe. He has gotten rid of staff who get more publicity than him.

His newest chief of staff is trying to straighten out the West Wing, but cannot reign in the Fake President. Kelly has little trouble with other members of the staff, just one. Steve Bannon’s leaving was directly related to his understanding that Bannon was getting too much publicity. Bannon also knew on a day-to-day basis that the Fake President did nothing but talk loud and say critical things about individuals, countries and groups. Bannon had to go.

As for the Adults in the Room (a new boy band), they know about the Fake Presidency. They know that the Fake President’s aversion to work, allows them to go off on their own and make decisions, even military ones. Have you heard about any other cabinet members, other than Tillerson and Sessions? The others are going about their nefarious ways without much leadership from the top.

What about Mike Pence? Can we understand what his role is? He rarely speaks in more than two sentences (most of which are high praise for the Fake President). Is it possible that he is running the show? If you remember the health care debacle, did you notice that the Fake President did no work on passage other than to say bad things about Republicans, especially now John McCain and the obstructionist Dems.

His lack of work ethic has allowed the secret service to run out of money. Has made his vacation travels cost more money than the total of the 8 years of the previous real president. Can we have any doubt that the object of the Fake President’s term is to have fun and to yell at all others?


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