The other day, my good friend Neal, reminded me that I had not written a blog in a while. I looked back at the dates and he was correct. For some reason I was paying attention to home life more than my obligations to Jean Jacques Crawb. So, you can blame Neal for this blog and any mistakes that I might make in it.

Since this is Neal’s idea, it will also be his blog. Carol and I met Neal and his wife Mary when we moved to Harrisburg and joined a temple there. I believe that we hit it off right away because of our senses of humor. At that point Neal and Mary had a little boy Ben, who was about two and Mary was ready to give birth to twins. I can still see them lying on the floor of their living room cooing and laughing.

Neal and I both got onto the Temple Board at about the same time. He eventually became the treasurer. However, that’s not the highlight of his career. He and I used to fool around at board meetings and probably drove some people crazy. It’s not as if we were fooling around, but we each had views that were at variance with the majority of the board.

Now you must understand that Neal and I do not share political views. He is a real conservative (not like the common term used today). He is for smaller government, individual enterprise, and fairness to those who need help. I am more to the left of center (you probably knew that) and we would actually discuss these topics before, during and after the board meetings.

Neal used to drive Carol crazy when she spent 3 years as president of the synagogue. He would make her laugh and lose track of what she was trying to do. Neal is not just a talker. He is a doer of the highest order. He was able to computerize our synagogue, put our budget on it, create a homepage, and organize painting the entire downstairs (social room) of the synagogue. Help his son Ben and Friends to build a handicap ramp on the side of the building. He honchoed so many things that made our temple a better place.

Lately, during the summer, the entire clan comes to Myrtle Beach, SC and meets us in Charleston. Neal used to complain that he could not get Whoopie Pies in Harrisburg. So, we sent him a couple of boxes. When we meet in Charleston, there is a Whoopie Pie General Store. He buys a bunch.

The twin girls, Rachel and Nancy have graduated from college. Cannot believe that they are as old as they are. Nancy works at a local hospital in Harrisburg. Rachel does her thing with a marketing company and in her spare time she does a website for South Carolina Organization of Rural Schools (SCORS). They are both delightful young women. Yes, they do have that twin thing and are so close to each other. Rachel just purchased a house and Nancy lives there too.

All of this does not explain Neal and his family. Mary, his wife, is a one of a kind person. There are no limits to her ability to keep track of her family, which also includes her mom. There is much of her in the twins and in her son Ben, who will be married soon.

We keep in touch with everyone including Mary’s mom Mary. They are a delight to be around. Maybe we can con them into moving to Charleston.


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