This will be the shortest blog I have written in the eight years that I have been writing blogs. I am sure that you are aware that Jim Comey was trained as an attorney. He also understood that Mr. Trump used to threaten his adversaries with the idea that he taped their conversations.

Now that you have either heard or seen his memoranda, does it strike you as amazing that he could remember every single work of his meetings an phonecalls with Mr. Trump?

Did he walking into his physical meetings with President Trump “wired?” Did he have his phone tapped when he spoke to Mr.Trump on the phone?


One thought on “HOW SMART IS JIM COMEY?

  1. Arnold…I love conspiracy theories as much as the next guy…but it is illegal to wiretap/record American citizens…as I understand…I believe he took the notes he claimed he did. Just my humble opinion.

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