See if you can recreate in your mind’s eye the scene in the oval office with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.Kislyak  and the Russian foreign minister, Lavrov.  Along with Trump, they look like they were a bit inebriated, while they were laughing hysterically. To the American people, that might have looked a bit askew. Then when we found out what went on in that meeting, we might have gotten angry.

What did that picture look like in the Russian press? Let’s take this to the people in the street in Sverdlovsk, or Vladivostok, or any other town and city in the Russian Federation. With unemployment in Russia growing and the economy on its knees, it probably looked like the big wheels having a good time with the capitalist President of the United States.

This would go along with the various positive things that Trump has propounded about what a wonderful person Vladimir is. Could it be that from the Russian perspective, that Trump has corralled Vladimir and his cronies into doing things that might have a negative effect on the Russian Federation? Do the Russians think, as some do here in the U.S., that Trump is an incredibly smart businessman, who has outsmarted the Russian autocrat.

Can it be true that this man, Trump, is so clever that he has a public persona of ignorance of world affairs, unknowing in the machinations of the world economy, and no understanding of history? After all, he is an Ivy League graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a long and somewhat successful career as a businessman, a television star, and an international tradesman?

Look out Vladimir; you are being taken by one of the greatest actors in American history. Hasn’t it occurred to you that when you supported Trump, he might really have been conning you to do that. Remember how he wanted your hackers to find Hillary’s 30,000 emails? Didn’t you even consider that he would eventually be blaming you for any of the bad things that happen during his presidency?

Even the words that he used with Kislyak and Lavrov about F.B.I. Director Comey strike you as somewhat odd? It is almost as if Trump understands that his public behavior, odd as it might be, is a perfect ruse to get Vladimir comfortable with his apparent stupidity. Then, with his guard down, and his certainty that Trump is a durachit, Donny Littlehands then pulls of a coup of humongous proportions.

Trump is not the only person to affect a similar strategy. There have been countless politicians in the past and maybe even today who appear one way in public and another in the confines of their posse. When you look at The Great Turtle, Mitch McConnell, you see a lethargic, drawling boob. However, in private he is an eloquent mastermind of political strategy. There can be no doubt that he is conning us into thinking that he is a bit learning disabled.

So, there you have it. This giant charade may go on for the next 7.5 years. You better watch out Vladimir. Constantly check your spectacles, testicles, watch and wallet after a conversation with Donald Trump.



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