You can read the title of this blog posting in two ways. The first way is to ask why it is wrong be angry. The other is to ask a rhetorical question, “Why can’t I be angry.” It is the latter surmise that I am referring to. Evidently, there has been a pivot (I now hate that word and its current use) in our country.

Before the 2016, it was the followers of Donny Littlehands that were out there yelling about almost everything in our country. The found their frustrations being answered by a candidate that tapped into their anger. They had no idea that this catering to their anger would eventually lead to their eventual demise.

Another group of dissatisfied customers was the followers of the “Bern.” They were so angry that their ideals were not being recognized by the oldsters in the Democratic Party. They believed all that Bernie told them could happen. They also had no idea that their lack of participation in the election process would lead to their eventual demise.

There you have it. A pile of people with rage setting a course for perdition. Except, that one of the groups has gotten their dreams come true and the other their worst fears.

Is it possible that we all viewed this rage with a skeptical glance? We are the middle of the roaders of all stripes. How did this fringe candidate beat all of those other fine looking 17 candidates to become the scion of the Grand Old Party?

As you look back at the campaign of the first woman to be a presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, do you now wonder how a person with such a placid personality and little emotion could have been nominated. How did she not realize that the passion of a new generation and their absence in November election would doom her to failure?

Was there a candidate on either side of the political spectrum who engendered as much passion as the followers of Donny Littlehands? The answer is maybe. Bernie’s youngsters were concentrated in specific areas of the country. Donny’s were all over the map.

Now we have a resistance movement that is mostly middle class women who seem to believe that acting like ladies and gentlemen is a path to dethroning this would be dictator. Folks, that’s not the way it is going to happen.

If you interpret the above dissertation as a call to arms, you are sadly and unequivocally mistaken. It is a call to passion. You are fighting against a foe who has found bedrock of passion and hatred of all the middle class values that we treasure. The answer to this provocation is not to act even more like ladies and gentlemen, but to summon up your gut reactions and speak them or write about them or some other form of active protest.

Let me describe a scene right here in Adult Disneyworld. Our congressman and former Governor of South Carolina, the Appalachian Trail and Argentina (you remember him don’t you) has had a number of Town Hall meetings. He is a slickster and knows how to play a crowd, even a hostile one.

In his visit here in Sun City, his first questioner was an angry gentlemen who said things that were true, but in a way that was very angry and maybe even off color. He flipped a bird to those that tried to shut him up. There was nothing in his words that wasn’t true. Yet, the crowd there assembled (all old people) insisted that he sit down or be thrown out. Two huge security people approached him to bodily throw him out. The slick congressman went over to the man and kind of caressed him and calmed him down. This made the congressman a gentleman and the crowd approved.

It’s kind of like when you are approached by a well-dressed man on a street asking for directions, he stumbles as he says thanks you and brushes by you. You later discover that he has picked your pocket of your wallet.

In other town hall meetings across the country, the successful ones, the ones with the most vigor are the loud ones, the ones you see on pt. For some reason we seem to enjoy those displays of raw emotion. However, in our own placid approach, we don’t do such things.

Anger does not mean rational thinking. Anger is a display of what one is really thinking. You should be angry about the things that are happening in our country. We have a president who has called our constitution “archaic.” We have a president who crowed that he did not need any American banks to fund him because he got more than enough from Russian sources (Eric Trump and Donny Littlehands).

We have a majority of Congressmen who believe that taking $800 billion from Medicaid will make the program stronger. Don’t the lies and broken promises make you angry? Yes, anger is a normal emotion. It is not something that requires its suppression when it lifts your bile. If anger is all you do and you take no political action, then anger is, in fact, useless.

Anger is a stimulant to action. Trying to be ladies and gentlemen does not work in 2017 and maybe even forward. Think of what you might have said to Donny Littlehands if you were Carly Fiorina and Donny said a stupid remark about your face. What would you have said if you were Jeb Bush and Donny said that you had no energy? You were governor of Florida, would you have let this punk say those things about you. What would you have said to Donny if he accused your father of killing JFK?

We should all be angry at the actions of those who have been appointed as cabinet members and subalterns. The newest member of the Littlehands administration, the head of the FCC had been an attorney for Verizon. There has been an attempt by some of the larger carriers, such as Verizon to corrupt “Net Neutrality.” This means that there could be a time when the carriers decided what you could get on the web and the larger carriers would have more swack to edge out smaller companies.

How about Trump children and their relatives going to China and selling visas to Chinese businessmen for 500k in order for them to invest in their businesses. How about Ivanka Trump getting licenses from China for her companies to sell in China. Should we not be angry about the U.S. government paying money to a Trump enterprise- Mar a Lago and a New York City apartment because the Littlehands child is in school there and the mom does not want to move into the White House?

Are all of these not things to be angry about. So to the elderly lady who came to my house the other day and reacted negatively to my being angry about these things, where has being civil and mannerly gotten us? While the administration makes ethnic snides, racial epithets, and a president who has provided us with proof that he is a vulgar misogynist and cheater on his wives, we should rise all above that and be civil. Not on your ever lovin’ rear end. Be angry and do something.




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