For the eighth time, Congressman and former governor Mark Sanford of the 1st Congressional District here in South Carolina, had a town hall meeting. You may remember former Governor Sanford who claimed that he was walking the Appalachian Trail while having a tryst with his non-wife in Argentina. For that action, he has been apologizing at least once a day for a number of years.

Sanford is an interesting guy. He belongs to the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, but does not talk, or sometimes vote with the caucus. Interestingly enough the caucus does not disclose its members. You have to do some guessing and research to know who they are. That seems kind of weird to me.

Sanford claims that he is a conservative. I asked him what he stood for and he said, “Individual Liberty.” He further explained that he believes that in a representative democracy, we should not force people into choices that they should make on their own. We should do away with the ACA because it mandates that everyone get health insurance.

That’s kind of an interesting answer for someone who wears his seatbelt, observes the speed limits, sends children to school from a mandated age, pays taxes, including Medicare and social security, car insurance, has a driver’s licenses, proof of age at a liquor store, or to buy cigarettes ad infinitum. These are all mandates that we have agreed upon in a “Representative Democracy.”

The question of should everyone have healthcare came up. His answer was pretty much the same. We should not have to force people to do something that they don’t want to do. Well, that may or may not be true. However, when those non-insured go to an emergency ward after an accident, the cost of that visit may affect us all in the pocketbook. Your civil rights end at the tip of my nose. We are all intertwined as a people.

When I paid school taxes, even though I had no children in school, I was following the American way. Even though some people may not pay school taxes, I am not angry at them. Should I be angry at our President for not paying taxes because he is a successful business man who knows his way around the law? Nope, I am not angry. I pay when I am mandated to pay.

So Congressman Sanford answers many of the questions he was asked until he came to a couple of stumpers. One woman, who worked within the health system and knew much more than Sanford told him her own story about how the ACA had helped her. I cannot begin to explain some of her major points. Mr. Sanford was flummoxed. He thought that most people had their insurance premiums go up. Her premiums went down significantly. She explained that was the scene with most people.

When he sat down next to the people who were asking the questions, it was a clear play to the media. It was optics. There were many pt. cameras in attendance. He certainly does know how to play to a crowd, even a hostile one.

At the onset of the meeting, a gentlemen got up and asked if he supports, “an adulterer cheater, and liar,” as President of the United States. He was getting angry and security guards were approaching. Sanford stood between them and the man with the question. The man also threw a bird at some else in the audience. Sanford did a good thing calming things down.

At every one of the other town halls, there were signs allowed. Here, the management of Sun City told us that signs were not allowed, although you could hold them up to your chest. There were many AGREE/DISAGREE signs. People kept their cool, except for the jerks that have to get their two cents in by screaming. They are everywhere. The Indivisible organization was “visible” at the meeting. Over three quarters of the people there were members. There are new chapters forming daily, and I mean daily.


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