Making fun of the College of Absurdity, presided over by Sean Spicer, does not even rise to a small chuckle. What does rise in me is a worry that all of the present administration has had words sucked out of them. Their massive lack of understanding that they are presiding over the United States of America is a scary concept.

While doing the bombing of an insignificant airfield in Syria, the President gleefully announced that he made that decision over dessert at Mar-A-Lago, while talking to the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China. The word that’s missing here is thoughtful.

What in hell would prompt an American President to gleefully announce the bombing of a foreign country while munching on chocolate cake that he tells us we would think wonderful? The words here are condescending or ignominious.

How can this administration claim to represent the people of the United States when it continues to make us look foolish in front of the whole world (including our enemies)? Russia has called our threats and pullbacks at loutish (this word is theirs). We are more than loutish, we are foolish looking and dangerous to our own country and to others.

Every day a new national or foreign policy is presented to us as if it has always been the plan. Now we use the biggest non-nuclear bomb (all 21000 pounds of it) to demilitarize (this word is mine) a part of Afghanistan that at one time had Al Qaeda residents.

Are we on the path to war or Armageddon (after Har Megido)? Doesn’t Donny Little Hands know that he has the capability of destroying us all and also his golf courses? His speech is irrational. The Secretary of State is evidently still in charge of Exxon and not doing his secondary job of statesmanship. He speaks out of every orifice of his body and says differing things each time. I am not sure if we can work with Russia or go to war with Russia.

There is also some confusion about our US military. According to Donny, “It is my military” that is doing the job in Syria and Afghanistan. Funny, I have always believed that the military is beholden to the people of the United States. Although the President is the Commander-in-chief, it is certainly not part of the Trump Empire of holdings. The word here is befuddled.

All of this bluster, this  sturm und  drang (those are this paragraph’s words) are a good cover for the investigation of the collusion between the Trump campaign and the FSB (formerly the KGB, formerly the NKVD, in plain talk, the secret police). If you don’t think that this former KGB guy, Putin, is not trying to return to the Soviet Union, you are mistaken.

Donny is now saying that so many things he said were easy in the campaign, healthcare, foreign policy, monetary policy, the economy, North Korea, ISIS (bomb the shit out of them), Syria, Radical Islamic terrorism ( not saying that very much and General McMaster is not saying it at all) are now very complicated. He also got a lesson in the history of the Korean peninsula from President (Chairman Xi) of China that he hadn’t ever heard before.

For those of you who actually read newspapers, books, and so on, can you believe that a 70 year old “businessman” has no understanding of the history of our country and the history of the world? What did he learn at Penn. He certainly took some gen-ed classes in his college career. The words here are “Slept through those boring courses.”

Is it possible that he is listening to Jared Kushner? That would be interesting. How is it that he forgot to mention Jews in the Holocaust speech? Did that not offend Jared, his wife and his little grandchildren? Was that a deliberate gaffe instigated by anti-Semite Steve (I used to be powerful) Bannon.








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