I was sitting down at this very computer this morning. I had not planned on going out until about 3:00 this afternoon to see a college coach look at some of the Ridgeland Hardeeville High School basketball players. That meant I had a whole day to get myself prepared to finish our rural school’s website, contact legislators, get some personal stuff done that I had put off.

At 11:00 I got a call telling me that the coaches would be at the high school at 12:00 and that I should go around to the back door of the high school. Now, you must understand that it takes older folks a lot longer to get prepared to go out in civil company. First of all, I have to eat before take my myriad of pills. So I did all of the S’s, went to the kitchen and cut off a piece of Jarlsberg cheese and drank a bit of sweet diet ice tea.

After a brushing of the teeth, I headed out to the high school. The school is about one half hour away. I actually got there at one minute past twelve and was let into the school by one of the cooks. I went to the side door of the gym and ran into one of our Jasper Gentlemen. I asked if the coaches were there yet. I was told that they had not yet come. I got a bit panicked.

In another minute these two gentlemen arrived from Emmanuel College. They were there to look at the two backcourt players who can probably play almost anywhere. I sat next to our basketball coach. He had his eyes glued on the workout. First it was individual shooting, passing dribbling and other skills.

Next were some full court games between the total high school basketball team. There are other youngsters who will grow into fine basketball players. All of the kids are mindful of their manners, and as I described, the coach does not allow them to speak to referees or grimace when they do something wrong.

There were two games, in which all the players were involved and then a two on two with other fine, but younger players. The coaches appeared to be impressed. They finally sat down with each of the two players they were looking out for and had private conversations. I believe they left satisfied that these two could start for them next year.

This is a Division 2 college that is known as a Christian college. It does prepare ministers, but has many other majors. All students, no matter their major, must take 4 religion courses. Reminds me of Beaver College where Carol went. It was a Presbyterian school and one had to take religion courses. So, Carol took them and they tended to be interested.

As I was leaving the building, one of the young men I am working with approached me with a problem. I do get updates from each of those youngsters. I thought that Eric (not his real name) was all square with his future. He is a bright and articulate young man. Evidently, I had not impressed upon him the need to apply to multiple schools. He applied to one school and was rejected. He had not applied to any other school.

I stood there aghast. I could not even speak. How could this happen? Guess what, it happens all the time AND it happened to me. I never knew you had to apply to colleges. I thought the colleges called you. What a dummy!!!

Eric asked about the NASCAR institute of auto mechanics. The school had come to recruit students and Eric had many questions that he never got answered. The biggest problem was that he would not be guaranteed a job at the end of his training. For a fee of from 25-45k.

I thought that maybe our local technical college had an auto mechanic program. It did not. That was too bad, because Carol and connections there with the admissions people there. Where to go next? We went on the web and found a technical college in Savannah, which is only 30 minutes away. Eric will contact them either today or next week. Have no idea what the fees are and what disadvantage there will be for an out of state student. Hopefully, there is some reciprocity between states.

In this kind of mentorship, getting from A to B is the signal task.


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