Not sure if you remember going to the Ringling Brother’s Circus attraction (too bad they are folding their tents). There was one scene where a small car, later a VW comes to center ring and stops. Out come a couple of clowns and then many more clowns come out of the car. It was always a hilarious thing to youngsters.

Well, the scene is still pretty much the same. As more appointees appear to be part of the current administration, more seem like clowns, but not regular clowns more like Pennywise the clown in Stephen King’s “It.” These are not the normal kinds of appointees with some semblance of experience in the area of appointment, but no experience even near the field.

So each appointee goes before a committee and is asked a bunch of embarrassing questions by Democrats and softball questions by Republicans. All of them have passed so far, even one whose qualifications are zero for her new job. It takes a tie breaker by the Vice President to get her approved.

All of these appointees will be approved. Even those with obvious conflicts of interest will sail through. Interesting that many opposed to the President and his administration are touting the high road in condemnation of what they are doing. It does not seem to be working at all.

Those who supported the new administration are not those who respect the high road or even the moderate road. They are happy with the fact that a brash pt. personality and con man could beat down the elite, college going, establishment (including the media).

Giving factual information to condemn what this administration is doing has no effect on the President’s supporters. Hirer is one example. My wife’s cousin, who is a Californian and a virulent supporter of the new administration, has said that there was violence and tumult at the Women’s March in Washington DC. In actuality, there were no arrests made at the march. Responding to him with a fact like that does not affect him at all. We are all saying and quoting fake news.

So, how does one combat the flying monkeys and the Pennywise clowns? There are groups of people who are calling themselves, “Indivisibles.” They are now around the country. They are thoughtful folks with a purpose. They are realistic and determined. They are not “holier than thou,” folks. They will speak out and work at a local level to take back our country. I am impressed with their determination and skill.

Just as an example of how one might publicly oppose the current administration, there is State Senator Daylin Leach in Pennsylvania, who defended a state senator in Texas. The idea that police can confiscate your belongings and make a profit from them before you are adjudged guilty (sometimes called police profiting) was abhorrent to the Texas guy. The police chief in that area asked the new President to see what could do to destroy this man politically.

Daylin Leach asked the President, who said in a tweet, Hey I oppose civil asset forfeiture too! Why don’t you try to destroy my career you fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon!

That’s not what I would say, but it appears to have an effect on someone who has a very thin skin.



  1. used to be you could argue and debate different sides of a “fact”….today many rely on either “fake news” or “lies” for “facts”, and if you argue the other side of a “real fact” you are accused of using “fake news” as your reference…..

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