Is there a method to all of this madness? The actions of the President and the congress may just be a synchronized plan to change our country. How would you change our country rather quickly if you were in charge? Long term solutions could include decimating the electorate by removing live saving care. This would involve removing health coverage and make it impossible to receive the proper health care. All you would have to do would be to remove the pre-existing conditions  and other parts of the Affordable Care Act. Part D (prescription drugh) would be a good one.

This is not a plan to destroy the legacy of Barack Obama; it is a way of increasing the power of those that have coverage. Strange that the congress that gets free health care from the taxpayers, also wants to destroy a certain segment of those taxpayers. Sounds like a conspiracy, doesn’t it? However, as we have seen, voter suppression isn’t’ the answer. Russian interference isn’t the whole answer. Making fewer possible voters is a great plan for getting a larger share of the votes.

How about sending all of the Muslims back to where they came from. Muslim Americans probably would not vote for the present congress or the President-elect. If there were fewer of them, that would make things easier for the perpetrators of these plans. Fewer Muslims, or Arab Americans, mean fewer votes for the opposition.

What about going after sanctuary cities? The original immigrants, with no legal permission to be here, have children that will be, or are, citizens? If you get most of them identified and sent back to their countries of origin. That would diminish the city vote. We all know that that the city vote is pure Democratic. Even though, the mayor of Miami has given in to the current administration, we have not seen the courts decide what is legal about what is happening.

How about keeping the press out of the loop. No more criticism from the inside. Get the press out of the White House. What you have then is press release reporting. Yes, there are some reporters who get all of their stories from press releases. The investigative reporters are those who dig out the stories for themselves. That will become harder if no one wants to speak with them, or they have no access. They will never be able to find out if any of those stories about the President’s activities when he was in Moscow are true. Even if they are true, will his supporters even care?

How about this one, when asked who his heroes are, he answered “I don’t believe in heroes.” He then went on to a story about himself and how successful he has been. He also threw in a couple of kudos to his father. Let’s see, if there are no heroes, than it is o.k. to make fun of John McCain, John Lewis, and others. By demeaning everyone else, he believes that he elevates himself. All of the pandering to his followers allows them to make fun of and revile everyone. Since there are no heroes, there are no positive accomplishments other than his own. In his inauguration speech, he claimed that nothing by the government has had any positive accomplishments. That means that all of the congresses, all of the Presidents have been failures. He has never admired anyone other than himself. This allows him to do all kinds of dastardly things. This kind of reminds me of when the Beatles said that they were more popular than Jesus Christ.

His appointments to his cabinet all contain some thread of reducing the number of people who would vote for someone else. Dr. Price would eliminate programs that seem to advance the interests of poor people. Maybe he does not realize that bunches of poor people in rural areas voted for the President-elect. His proposed Secretary of State, Mr. Tillerson is an admirer of Mr. Putin and seems to want to instigate wars all over the world. Former head of the Soviet Union, Mr. Gorbachev thinks the same thing.  What’s good for Exxon Mobil is good for the U.S. In those wars, lots of youngsters from poor areas (unless we bring back the draft) will be put in harm’s way. His proposed Secretary of Education has said that priority in giving parents more choices is more important than the outcomes of their children’s education. Let’s see now, less educated children, less educated voters, or no voting at all.

Does all of this sound like conspiracy theory? When voter suppression started, people poo-poohed that it was a conspiracy to keep voters from the polls. It worked in this past election. They have begun, with the power of the presidency, to effectuate their plans. The new justice department has asked for a delay in the voter suppression case in Texas and removed certain items from the White House page. Don’t assume that these folks that are now in charge are lunatics. They are very purposeful, very mean and very smart.


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