(There are some few times when I give these pages of musings over to another. In the seven years of this blog, it has happened with only two people- Ronald T. Bogus (Congressman from the State of Anxiety) and Jeremiah Nebbish, (a 94 year old citizen of Clarion County in Western Pennsylvania).Nebbish has some interesting things to say.

I don’t write very much, never have. Once in a great while I have something to say, I usually go into town and look for some of my friends at the County Seat on Main St. Guess what, most of them are not around anymore. The young guys, in their 70’s and 80’s don’t have any idea what I am talking about. There are a few guys at the County home that are my age or older, but they hardly remember their names.

I have lived through a great deal in my life. The most significant thing was marrying my wife Martha. We got married in 1941. I was 19 at the time and she was 18. The worst day in my life was when she died some years ago. I try not to dwell on this day too much.

Like all folks about my age, we remember things that aren’t so anymore. Things are so fast now that it’s hard to keep up. Then they say fast food restaurants, they really mean it. Most folks think the people behind the counter are slowpokes. I think that they are very fast. Once in a while I do to the McDonalds in town, near the Catholic Church. I like the chicken mcnuggets. I can still sit and read my paper, the Oil City Derrick and dip my mcnuggets into sauce, throw a bunch of ketchup on my fries and guzzle my diet drink (not sure if it’s Pepsi or Coke). That kind of takes up an afternoon for me.

I kind of walk around town, using my cane and stop by some of the stores and peek in the windows. Most of the owners of the stores when I was still working are gone by now. I do see David Karp in James Jewelers once in a while. Jimmy Crooks is still running his clothing store. Weins is still there, but I have no idea who runs it today.

Fortunately for me, I can still drive some. I wouldn’t dare get on route 80 to go to DuBois, or ride up to Titusville, but I can get around Clarion County pretty good.

The changes that have been made in the county are overall pretty o.k. with me. The roads seem to be fixed when they need to be. They still have the Autumn Leaf Festival (although the college kids almost killed it). Once in a while, I get a visit from Fred McIhattan, who brings me up to date on the happenings in the county. They tell me that the new rep. from Clarion County is an o.k. lady. I believe her husband graduated from high school with my grandson. She seems to know what people need and tries to get it. She isn’t always successful, but she still tries. I hear that she is now a big wheel in the Republican Party in Harrisburg.

The old Glass Plant closed a number of years ago. It employed 400 people. It was the biggest employer in the county. I worked there for over 40 years. It provided a good living with good pay and benefits. Those jobs don’t seem to exist in Clarion County any more. People are now satisfied with lower paying jobs and sometimes have to work two of those to get along.

I read that the reason the Trump won in Pennsylvania was because of workers who did not have jobs as a result of businesses moving out of the country. I believe that. I remember when Keith Martin and Paul Stehle tried to get a low flush toilet bowl factory to be constructed in the county. A large Swedish firm was really interested. Guess what they did. They put it in Mexico. Don’t even know if it is still around.

Speaking of being around. Since this is the beginning of the year, I have to wish you Happy New Year. I hope I am around to wish you Happy New Year in 2018.



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