I have kind of given up being mad at a bunch of things- like the young man who cut me off, while I was trying to make way for an EMT truck and gave me the finger with the arm of his shirt saying, “Jesus.” I will no longer be apoplectic when I have to wait even 5 minutes for a table at a restaurant. Even the words “irregardless” and “issues” don’t bother me the way they used to.

This coming year, I hope to do one of two things; either not give a hoot about things, or find new things to be annoyed at. Let me try the first one on you. Old people talking about their health or complaining about the cost of things these days. I will no longer stop them and tell them that if they continue, they will be picked up by the rubber truck the following Friday. The bagel boys and their complaints about South Carolina bagels  being inferior to New York bagels. I will not go bonkers when my favorite football, baseball and basketball teams lose consistently.

I am not sure that will work, but I will try to control myself. The other possibility is that some new things might stick in my craw. I will not do the plebian thing and squawk about the new administration in Washington D.C. I will probably focus my disdain for the state government in Columbia. They may be corrupt as heck, but they cannot match Pennsylvania where two of the previous speakers of the House of Representatives shared a jail cell for a number of years.

I look forward to discovering how I will react to the traveling around the state and visiting rural school districts. It took us over 35 years to visit all of the rural school districts in Pennsylvania. There were over 200 of them. Since South Carolina has only 34, it will be an easier task. My hope is that we can be of some help to these districts. The frustration may be that we will not have time to accomplish what we did in Pennsylvania. That will probably be our biggest frustration. All of the other stuff will be secondary. I guess I will have less time to be angry at things.


One thought on “A YEAR END NON-TIRADE

  1. We do have less time and only we can determine how we spend it. I look forward, as always to spending it with you. love, Carol

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