Now that we know who, or what, is to blame for the victory in the presidential election, we can all settle down as the dust clears. The media is now blaming the Democrats, the liberals and the progressives, as well as Jill Stein. The Democrats, liberals and progressives are now blaming the media for its coverage of Donny.

The rest of the world is mostly blaming the Russians for their interference in our business. Donny is blaming a rigged election in “certain areas” for his loss of the popular vote, which he describes as a landslide. Although, his electoral vote is the 44th or 45th largest number of electoral votes, he insists that it was a landslide.

Everyone, except the victorious Donny campaign, blames the polls and pollsters for making such huge mistakes. Donny can say that he knew all along that the polls were squarely on the side of his opponent. Now the Democratic contender can blame the polls for sabotaging her campaign. This will be described in a great number of books to come out in 2017 each explaining how Donny won or how Madame Clinton lost. I am not going to be one of those Monday morning pundits. I do have some thoughts about what the new administration will do to show itself in a good light.

I feel severe bluster coming on. There will be bluster aimed at any number of objects-countries, businesses, ethnic groups, military men, media,  liberal groups, progressive members of congress, and probably members of his own party who don’t go along with him. If you think that President Obama made executive orders (actually very few), you ain’t seen nothing yet. Besides wiping out his predecessors work, he will try and become an emperor.

As with Richard Milhous Nixon, he will ask a right wing think tank to start looking into the possibility of creating a constitutional amendment to wipe out the 25th amendment of the constitution limiting the president to two terms. I’ll will bet you that he has thought of that long before I did.

He will continue to have his children intimately involved in the work of the government. He will divest himself of nothing. He will also shelter his tax returns from the public forever. He will claim a constant audit and advice from his accountant. Then Edward Snowden will become a hero and publish his tax returns on WikiLeaks. 50% of the people who see them will say, “I told you so,” while the other 50% will say, “That’s a Lie.”

93% of the poorest counties (there are about 3600 counties in the U.S.) are in Red States. 9 of 10 of the poorest states are Red states. All of these states get more money from the federal government than they pay in taxes. So, let’s figure this one out. If we assume that there will be cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps,WIC and other safety net programs, which states and counties will be most affected by the changes?

Donny will affect the stock market in several ways. When he says bad things about Boeing, the stock goes down. When he says good things about Boeing, the stock goes up. When he says bad things about Lockheed Martin the stock goes down . . . ad infinitum. Do you really think that he is not going to play around that way? Look at his new Secretary of Health. Here is a congressman, who either writes or supports laws that affect companies in which he has investments. Does that tell you anything? Yup, no ethics.

Donny really doesn’t like smart people who go to “liberal” colleges. He will find a way to reduce the amount of money going into Pell grants. He will also push for less government funding of scientific research. He will find a way to help out private religious schools and colleges. These are the people who support him. Funny, he is not a religious person and does not go to church, yet the fundamentalist Christians seem to like him.

The first 100 days of his reign will be a tornado of legislation, including things that you did not think were possible. If he gets frustrated enough with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, he will offer legislation to pack the court with two more positions. Then, there would never be any 5 to 4 votes of any kind. I have a feeling that Anthony Kennedy will move further to the left.

Trump will have his children sent to other countries on fact finding and trade missions. The outcomes of these visits will to expand the Trump brand in countries that have not had the experience of Donny Littlehands.

The Republicans in Congress will be afraid to counter Trump on almost anything that he wants. If they do, he will tweet them into oblivion. This will happen with some regularity until the legislator gives in to what Trump wants. The only way to counter this is a Twitter War. More good news to come.



  1. Arnold: your optimism overwhelms me!

    Another perspective to consider entails a return to cabinet government, actually managing federal agencies, a complete legislative logjam, and folks around the world respecting America a little more. If our federal deficit and debt continue to skyrocket, sooner or later capital markets are going to get nervous and there will be a world stock market adjustment of considerable magnitude which might bring opposing sides and ideologies together to engage in problem solving.

    Might I suggest you read MacDonald’s A Free Nation Deep in Debt? The long view about not learning from history is actually engaging if not funny!


    Best for the Holidays!


    • Bob,
      It’s so great to hear from you. There was a moment when my grandson was considering C.M. as his choice for college. As with all grandparents, he is an amazing young man. He is a wholesome guy who is one of the most athletic people I have ever met. He has been an all star in every sport he has played. He is also a great academic. He could probably get in anywhere. I believe his first choice now is RPI. He has visited C.M. twice. Not sure he is a big city guy.
      I do appreciate your comments. It took me to a completely different place. As a moderate Republican, more in the fold of Dick Thornburgh, William Scranton, John Heinz (all of whom helped me out when I was an I.U. Director), I have great fear of someone, whether D or R. who shoots from the hip. I will wait to see whether his cabinet is confirmed and whether he allows his cabinet to function, as you have conjectured. Give me a call sometime, my cell is still the same and if you need my number, I will email it to you.

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