I believe that I have written about our three black cats in prior blogs. We have Mr. Random Numbers (16 years of age), Mr. P.S. (nine years of age) and Boo Radley (5 years of age).  Each of these felines has his own personality and characteristics. We have had cats for many years and have observed that they really are quite different from each other.

Yes there are some similarities, the purring, the rubbing up against legs, the desire for petting and the sleeping in your lap when you really don’t want them to. All of this has an overlay of the predator that cats really are. Since dogs were domesticated between 25 and 50 thousand years ago, they have humans down pat. They actually can tell your moods, your health and your need for them. Cats are not at all in that category. They were domesticated only 5,000 years ago and still have obvious predatory characteristics.

A number of years ago, we brought Inky Doo, the forerunner of the cats we have now to a vet in Harrisburg, PA. He was a very interesting guy and told us some things about cats that we never knew. One of the more interesting things was that scientists have a great deal of trouble discerning cat behavior because they always need a control group and cats are not interested in performing that task. They are “independent.” That’s another way of saying that they have not, as yet, been fully domesticated.

He also told us that when a cat is purring, it is not a sign that their defenses are down. You may have noticed that when a cat seems calm and relaxed and is purring, they can be up very quickly at some sound or sight. A cat’s defenses are down when they are absolutely quiet and not moving in your lap. It was a distinct change in our way of looking at our cats. It turned out to be the case, or we just created our own set of observations.

We have noticed that our cats have different tastes in food. We feed them all the same dry food “IAMS anti-hairball” stuff. They seem to be satisfied with it and have been pretty healthy over the years. Once in a while I feel sorry for them and pick up a treat or two.

Here is where it starts turning weird. For instance, I got two treats recommended by the people at PETCO. I was told that cats love this treats. One of them helps clean teeth and the other is just a simple treat.  All three cats seem to like the generic one. Only one of the cats likes the tooth cleaning one. I have tried with other treats and there is always a division between the cats and their likes and dislikes.

The one constant like is the youngest cat, Boo Radley. As with the others, he certainly likes milk (even if it is lactose free). However, he is also a fiend for certain kinds of dairy. For instance, he loves some yogurt that Carol eats and does not like others. Usually, when she finishes eating her yogurt, she allows him to lick out the plastic container.

He is not a fan of cottage cheese, but seems to like cream cheese. He does not like Muenster cheese, but loves Jarlsberg. It would seem that we feed him this stuff every day, but that is not the case. He does not climb up on our laps when we eat or the kitchen bar when we are eating there. Funny, P.S. tries to do that. Boo is also not a meat eater. If you have noticed, cats tear meat apart; they do not have the capacity as canines do of grinding the food. Boo is somehow not interested in any of that. He would prefer a small piece of mozzarella or other harder cheeses with no other things, like cranberries, or peppers or anything else. He is a purist.

Even though we have had him for over 5 years, he is still a bit skittish when there is a loud noise or a sneeze. However as the evening comes along, and we are watching t.v., he can be most often seen climbing onto Carol’s lap reaching one of his paws up to her face or neck, for her to pet him. After a while, he goes fast asleep and stays there for a long while.


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