In August of this year, 2016, I surmised that Donald Trump, then running against Hillary Clinton, was the Manchurian Candidate. I was kind of funning you, but with a whisper of truth. I am now astounded that it may well be that it could be true. Donald Trump is in the thrall of Vladimir Putin.

Let’s take a look at the current facts, and I don’t mean alt right facts or truthiness. The CIA has concluded that there was indeed an effort made to influence the outcome of the election. There is no answer about what they did, but the CIA has not released the relative facts. It is important to know that FBI Director knew about this investigation before the election. He did not make his knowledge public. He did, however, make public, an investigation of the Hillary Clinton and then cleared her just before the election.

Although hackers did penetrate Mr. Trump’s emails, they did not forward them to Wikileaks.

Mr. Paul Manafort, let go as campaign manager earlier, because of his ties and work for the Ukraine and Russia (as his clients) is now back with the Trump associates.

The new proposed Secretary of State, Mr. Rex Wayne Tillerson is Chairman of Exxon Mobil. He is very familiar with Russia and with Vladimir Putin. He has spent more time with him than any American other than Henry Kissinger. He was awarded the Order of Friendship by Putin. It is a high civilian award in Russia.

Now let’s go back to the Manchurian Candidate.


This just came to me in a flash. There have been so many stories about Trump’s friendship with Vladimir Putin. They are evidently in a romance, or there is something more insidious going on. If you grew up when I did, there were plenty of thriller books about how those Russians raised youngsters in a special house to take the place of American kids and then send them to live in the United States. When these children grew up they would do spying things for the Soviets, or even be terrorists (if you have never seen the movie salt, do so).


The other possibility was the movie, The Manchurian Candidate, this supposed that a person was captured and brainwashed into doing bad deeds if he becomes the vice president of the United States, he would do away with the President and then be elevated to the presidency. I believe that was the 1962 film with Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey the new film with Lev Schreiber and Denzel Washington was pretty much the same. The bad person in these movies was really the mother of the Manchurian Candidate.

This makes a bit more sense when you see and hear the behavior of the candidate in both public and then personal interviews. It may seem adlibbed to most people, but it is entirely scripted. That is the trick of this brainwashing. When someone issues forth with a particular word or words, say Hillary Clinton, there is an automatic response. Even the hand movements are pre-planned. They are signals to his handlers that he is on track and they should not worry. All of this is programmed into the brainwashing program.

Trump’s many trips to Russia in 1987, 1996, 2008 , and 2013 (for the Miss Universe Contest) further proves that Trump had plenty of time to spend with his Russian handlers. It has been a long relationship with the Russians (first the Soviets). He has had many relationships with the oligarchs and with Mr. Putin for a long while. Putin has even given Trump small gifts of appreciation for his support of the Russian people.

To those of you who cannot seem to understand the actions of candidate Trump and his strange machinations, look no further than the term brainwashing and look at the movies, both the earlier one and the newer one. The answer is plain. Mr. Trump is now in the hands of the Russians and will act on their behalf if he becomes president.



  1. Well that certainly is scary😱😱. Sounds like his entire gang of cabinet appointees may be part of this conspiracy. Hope Trump’s mother isn’t alive❗️

  2. Your proposition is extremely realistic! I recall the writings and movies you refer to and can rationalize a believable scenario which supports what you have written. Either you are extremely creative or there is validity in what you write. Trump was extremely quick to dismiss the CIA statements and then immediately dismissed the organization using the WMD in Iraq to discredit them!

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