With the victory in the presidential election of a non-politician with some unlikely non-political ideas, there follow a raft of non-political individuals with decidedly unusual ideas.

Not all ideas come at three o’clock in the morning via a tweet from the new President-Elect. A mass of repressed ideas going back to 17th and 20th century oddballs have emerged from the shadows to take their place in a widening sunlight.

The characters are a mélange of wing nuts and those who have failed to convince others that they are in the vanguard of change in this nation. The more prosaic of these groups or individuals are the racists, white supremacists (masquerading as ultra American Patriots). They do their marches, have their hateful websites and spew forth venom by the gallon. The have the hatreds for mostly everyone but them and a selected group of seeming supporters. They are convinced that this new administration will be moving toward their points of view.

A new group, called the cultists, has been developing their thoughts for the past 15 or twenty years. They are finally getting a hearing across the nation. They are members of a group that calls itself, “Christians.” They have developed a large following. Their mantra is that their brand of worship is the true meaning of the word and that all others are not Christians.

They infer that Catholicism is not a real Christian religion and that the Mohammedan religion is not a religion but a cult. Moslems follow a political ideology (destroying the west) and cannot be a religion. Some even say that they should not be accorded a non-profit status with our government.

When I was a kid, I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Her post-Soviet rhetoric appealed to a 17 year old with a “Who is John Galt,” philosophy. The strong shall inherit the world and are currently living in a mountain hideout and will emerge when the world crumbles.

They are now rooting for the current President-elect to be the new John Galt or other strong character. Government should retreat to a farthing of its dimensions. It kind of is a survival of the fittest mentality with those who cannot keep up. Their view is that the less government the better and they can control everything. Rand died living on Social Security.

Then there are the secessionists. They are direct decedents of John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. They believe that they have the right to negate anything that the federal government does that they do not like. Their concept of government is that the original Articles of Confederation were good enough for them. It was those Federalists that made things the way they are in this country.

Then there are the neo-libertarians. They now have a place to live in New Hampshire. They have taken over the state government there and have started to tear down bunches of laws that infringe upon the god given rights that they have. In some ways they are children of the Renaissance thinkers like Rousseau. Their feelings about gun laws, abortion, climate change and others are pretty much contrary to almost all the regular political stripists. They would love to go back to town. Hall meetings. Maybe they can with such a small state. How about pure Greek democratic principles where everyone votes on everything.

We haven’t yet touched on the reactionaries. They are rushing pell mell into the 19th century. They would undo most of the “liberal laws” that were passed since the beginning of the 20th century. There would be no more unions, no government health care, no social security, no integration, no one man one vote, no protections from governmental doings, little access to courts, no suing businesses, no saving the planet, and a raft of other things. They are proud of how they have resurfaced to be a powerful group in our current government. They would even be happy to go back to 1953.

The modern Know Nothings have been rumbling around for a long while. They are now out in the open with their push for the elimination of all other ethnic groups from our land. They were quite powerful during the 1920’s when they produced “The Big Red Scare (fear of communism. Their platform has always been to keep America pure. They would like the country to be 100% white, non-Muslim, non-Hispanic (old Cubans may be an exclusion), non-Jewish (they only became white in the 1960’s), non-people whose primary language is not English and other “nons.”

All of these groups now feel emboldened by this election. Somehow, they have the idea that they are now in style. For some, they have been saying these things under their breath from a long while. They picked up these feelings by “daddykneeism.” They now have the ability to get their philosophies out there on the internet. The term “truth” is no longer a valid word. Using the publicity surrounding falsehoods, they can just about say anything that comes into their beans. As thoughts come to them, they spew them forth like gumballs from a gumball machine. There is no verification needed for anything that they say.

If you believe that these people are some lower caste in our society, you are probably not correct. Some of these groups even make it into the samestream media. Where are the Sons of Liberty and the Committees of Correspondence when you need them? If you have a chance to pick up a book called, “The Big Sort,” many of these things become evident. It was published in 2009 by Bill Bishop. Or, you might look at, “Deer Hunting with Jesus,” by Joe Bageant.













  1. You have articulated the very thoughts that have been in my head since the primary. We must look back on the road of progress in Civil Rights to see how they were accomplished and repeat for success. It is a time when social activism, civil disobedience, boycotting, etc. must be a part of the plan to combat the “deplorables”. “All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” I don’t plan on letting evil triumph. Everyone should push back with whatever action they are comfortable in doing, and then, push the comfort zone a little further out.
    You taught me well.

  2. Tools…Arnold, I forget who said it….”what if there was a war and nobody came”. What if Trump had a rally and nobody came to the Press Pen? Yes, put a few guerillas in the audience to just watch and report later if there was actually news. Otherwise totally ignore the Tour Press Pen.
    He’s addicted to ATTENTION in big capital letters. That is his lifeline just like a drug addict must have his drug. Do not cover the Tour or his other announcements unless they actually are news.I would also suggest to the mass media, if we could get their attention, they focus on all the good stuff that is happening in the country like the economy, the number of new jobs during the Obama administration, Obama’s General Motors rescue and the number of jobs he saved, the fact we remain a world leader in technology because of immigrants seeing us as the land of opportunity, the number of folks working from home since they’re computer literate, our kids learning STEM and STEAM, crime being significantly down, gasoline and utilities being very reasonable and have been for quite a while, an increase in consumer spending and new home sales, etc. The list goes on and on. Yes there are problems as there are in all countries of the world. However we are still the land of opportunity. Clinton won in the states that generate over 60% of our GDP. Add the cities she won in the red states and the percentage is even higher. Ignore the attention hungry addict and be very discerning related to what is actually news and what is churning fluff. Focus on the good, encourage and fund the underemployed or unemployed to get additional skills with a focus on the many new industries, jobs, and careers on the horizon, be honest about certain industries not coming back for various reasons, and continue to preach America is Great! We don’t need “Again”.

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