Without considering that I am going crazy a number of years ago, I created a character called John as my avatar. As I reached my physical inability to take a jump shot, vault over anything, or throw a baseball any faster than 40 miles per hour, I invented John as my co-conspirator.

John can do most anything. He is of super intelligence; witness his vast winnings on Jeopardy, breaking all of its records. He also was magnificent in both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. You may have seen him win the biathlon, the Greco Roman Heavyweight wrestling title and a raft of track and field medals.

All in all John can do most anything. The nice thing about John is that he never complains or has a bad day. I can go to him when I am in a foul mood and have him talk me out of it. Just a quick look at John and I am calm at that moment. He also has an effect on others through me. When I am upset about possibly losing my wallet in Bamberg South Carolina, he is there telling me that my wallet is somewhere in the house. He is invariably right.

John has no taste for politics. He is completely oblivious to what is happening in our country.  Actually, John has never declared what country he comes from. He is absolutely a universal man with no ties to other people, places or things.

His view of life is not akin to mine. He has no use for material objects and is not aware of how he is clothed or whether or not he has had a haircut in the last few months. His appearance is always the same. He is 6 foot 9 inches tall and can leap like a gazelle. In his basketball format, he can start of at the three point line and without walking or touching the ground dunk the ball. His recent attempts at maintaining a triple double for the first 20 games of the NBA season has been outshone by Russell Westbrook. John will continue with his effort and will probably be the first player to average a triple double for the whole season since Oscar Robertson.

John is also not money conscious. His view of money is that it is a method to attain some loftier goal. He does massive charity work and visits children’s hospitals whenever he is not playing some sort of sport.

As he gets a bit older, he does not age like we do; his skills seem to be getting honed. When he first broke the mile record at 3:40, he expected there to be a great hulabaloo.Track aficionados applauded, but it was not like Dr. Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile.

John is kind of susceptible to criticism. He will sulk for a while and then get out of his funk very quickly. He bears no resemblance to me at all. That is a good thing.


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