I am not kidding. My genetic makeup is 2.3% Neanderthal and the rest is good old boring Ashkenazi. Although my ancestor Neanderthals died out about 40,000 years ago, they intermingled with homo sapiens to produce me and my like humans.

There isn’t much information about Neanderthals. There is a cave in Croatia that has updated their history, nothing much else.  About 200,000 years ago they migrated from Eastern Africa to Europe and spent the next 160,000 years cruising the European continent and producing offspring.

I learned all of these things from 23 and me, purchased as a birthday present by my children. They thought it might be interesting to see where we all came from. Now they have some idea where the prominent forehead and long arms come from.

After I told them my DNA background, they immediately began to explain some of my activities over the past 78 years. I even got a text message from my 16 year old daughter with a painting of a face of a Homo Neanderthalis. She was sure that it looked like me. So there you sniveling Cro Magnon or Peking Man or Olduvi Gorge people. I am Neanderthal and I am coming after you.


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