As a result of the election on Tuesday and the tacit support given to racist groups, kids are now feeling that it is o.k. to say what they have been taught either at home or among their peer groups. Lots of Swastikas, chanting of Heil Hitler (as if the kids know what they are saying), white people rule, both anti- black, anti-muslim and anti-Semitic statements by students and non-students.

This has evidently been pent up for a long time. I think of ethnic groups who actually voted for Donald Trump and are now the objects of these attacks. Are they wondering why they voted that way? Reminds me a bit of Brexit and the people who voted to leave the E.U. not knowing why they voted to leave.

How about the former followers of Bernie Sanders who did not vote for Hillary Clinton. They stayed home or they voted for Gary Johnson. How about the hundreds of thousands of people who did not vote for a president. There were 88,000 of those in Michigan alone. What did you think would happen if Sec. Clinton lost? Did you think that Mr. Trump would suddenly become a liberal and eschew all of the things he said?

Take a look at all of the things that his team has promised to do in the first 100 days. Since I am not a Lawrence Tribe kind of person and have never taught or was a student at Harvard Law School, so I don’t’ know if the President can do all of things that he wants to do without the consent of Congress. Can you imagine what kind of Supreme Court Justices he will try and appoint?

When are we going to see the programs that will put many of millions of folks to work? How will getting out of all of the trade agreements affect our economy? When we put tariffs on things coming into this country, what do you think other countries will do? What about the Affordable Care Act? Can we see only parts of it be eliminated? Large increases in premiums seem to be centered in states that did not take federal funds for Medicaid people. Those states that did agree to take the money seem to have lower increases.

Will congress, now in complete control of the Republicans, agree to everything that the President says? That very rarely is the case. What will happen when the President is rebuffed by his own party? Will he spend his nights tweeting out bad things about his own party? Will he single out certain members of congress and call them names? I can see in now. Jeff is Flakey and is not in tune with my proposals. How about unelecting him.

How about the President refusing credentials to some members of the media, whom he does not like. Will Bretbart get all of the scoops? Will the Drudge Report suddenly become the preferred reading of the masses? Will the New York Times feel the wrath of the President, as it already has been tweeted?

Will the President both do and say anything that he wants? Will there really be checks and balances in our democracy?



  1. Exactly the same concerns that I have. My 14-year-old granddaughter happened to be part of a classroom that experienced one of those verbal ‘white power’ rants in school. Donald Trump has been elected and he has let the dogs out

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