I have heard so many people say that they are going to or have unfriended people on Facebook as a result of this election. When the venom gets too hard for you to take, wiping out a Facebook friend seems to fulfill one’s feeling for revenge.

The inhuman nature of the 2016 election cycle will probably cause political scientists to rethink how elections are going to be from now on. There will be no Theodore White “Making of the President” for 2016. This is all new in the 24 hour news cycle and the sheer nature of this reality show.

The friends that you have on Facebook are not the kind of friends that I am talking about. I mean your real friends. Those flesh and bone people that you have known for many years, or have become close to in recent years. Those are the people you really know and in some cases love.

It became apparent to me that we will always have conflicts between our friends on many issues. How about war, peace, religion, gay and lesbian rights, economics, personal hygiene. Yes, I once had a terrible argument with a good and great friend about leaving the toilet seat up or down during the night.

He was convinced, as was his wife that leaving the seat down was a courtesy to his wife, so that she would not fall into the toilet when she was using the facility at night. I argued that by leaving the seat down, you would cause a male person to pee on the seat and have it be worse for his wife. I know it sounds weird, but it actually did happen. We still don’t agree, but we are still friends.

The nature of this election has brought our worst characteristics to the fore. In this fray, we have two unusual candidates, a business man with no political experience and a woman who has been associated with government for 30 years. There could be no larger distance between two candidates. That, I believe, is what is underlying all of the horrible rhetoric that emanates from the campaign. It has brought to the fore, some of the worst traits of human beings.

With all of the public displays or anti- whatever, we have been inundated with feelings that we many never have known that we had. It has caused us to redefine what we have in common with our real friends. It’s a tough job, to say the least. Let me caution you not to make hasty decisions about who your real friends are. Don’t discard the people with whom you have enjoyed such a rich and rewarding association. This election will soon come to an end. No matter what happens afterward, your friend will still be your friend. Never forget that.



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