I just read a piece that said that there will be no violence if Donald Trump loses the election. Over 80 % of Republicans and Democrats just want the election to be over. I am not sure that the writer understands that leaves a bunch of people who are not going to be satisfied with the results. From my personal experience, there are always people who feel the need to create chaos.

In one of my previous incarnations, I was ordered by my school superintendent to help with the integration of a local elementary school. This was in the north. Being a young man with very little experience in how to handle screaming crowds, I dutifully ushered both white and black kids onto the bus. The crowd was loud and curseworthy. They pretty much called me every name in the book. Then they began to throw stones. At that time, I was smart enough to run into my car and drive away.

I could never imagine a bunch of parents of elementary school students acting in that manner. In another incident, I was standing below a stop sign in a predominantly black community. I was talking to a friend about that evening’s basketball game. I heard kind of a pop and then a clang. Someone had shot a hole in the stop sign above my head.

There really is no predicting what would happen when a group of “poll observers” go into someone else’s community and stop people from voting or threaten them with calling the police. After the election, there are no holds barred. The small number of people, who are threatened by the results of the election, may not feel like “most people.” They have been led to believe that this whole election has been “rigged.” With that kind of mindset, they feel it is incumbent upon them to start the revolution.

I hope that you remember the 1960’s and the riots that ensued  during the fight for civil rights, the death of Martin Luther King Jr., the killing of civilians and other causes to riot. I believe that this is the same kind of thing.

Maybe, those who would riot are preparing their actions right now. I am not sure how they will create havoc, but I must think that it will be a large march on Washington, D.C. a la Coxey’s Army or damage to certain communities or individual homes.

Having lived in rural areas for many years, I understand their frustration with the status quo, as they see it. Not only do they believe that the government is giving them the shaft, but they resent all of the people who are benefiting by it. In some sense, they really are getting the shaft. However, they do not see that the local folks who kind of run things in rural areas are partly to blame.

For those blue collar workers who have lost their jobs as a result of the internationalization of economies, or as they believe NAFTA, the future looks bleak for them and their families. Yes, unemployment is down and for the first time in many years, wages have actually increased (even counting inflation). However, those people are not interested in statistics. They see their country going down a path that portends a bleak future for people like them.

Therefore, in their minds, there is no other recourse beyond the presidency of Donald Trump. His appeal to their views of a broken economy, an onslaught of immigrants who will take their jobs, a change in our country’s values, with the loss of the American dream, frustrates them. They will believe in a “rigged election,” even if there is a landslide.

In truth, we really have not paid attention to the rural folks and the blue collar workers. I have seen it for myself. It is part of our family’s experience with both of those groups. We must learn to speak to these people in a language that they understand. We must go back to school and attend to the needs of all of the people, not just those who speak in complex sentences.


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