For the past seven years and even before, I have written “stuff.” Some of it was technical and educational stuff (like my dissertation). Other stuff was kind of fun things that I had published under a pseudonym (sounds familiar). For the past seven years I have been writing this blog pretty constantly. It has been a great deal of fun and I will continue to do it.

It has been suggested to me (if you believe that I have some wooden shoes for you to buy), that I publish some of the blogs. I am not sure exactly what that means. What exactly do I publish? About five years ago, a good friend self-published the first two years of my blogs. What surprised me about that was the length of the book. It is about 300 pages long and it is single spaced with rather moderately small type. She published five of them. I still have one.

With my new aim in life, I looked up agents who might want to publish my tomes. I found a list on the net and what it is that they actually consider. I have learned some things as I get back responses. One is that memoir and narrational non-fiction are not what I thought they were. I am still trying to figure out what they mean.

Another little factoid is that that most of the agents accept email queries. That seemed rather interesting to me. What is it that you send by email to an agent? Is it a complete book, a chapter of a book, a poem, an illustration from an illustrated novel, or just a description of what you have written? I decided to send the blogsite with a small explanation of what it contains. So far out of about 20 emails that I sent, I have gotten back 4 responses. None of the responses were one word or one sentence long. I was surprised to see that they had taken the time to look at the blog and respond with some understanding of what I have written. Good for them.

At the appropriate time, I will let you know if I get any positive feedback. During the rest of the time, I will monitor the Cubs and Indians going to the World Series, the election and the various other worldly and otherworldly things that appear before me. Did you know that Proxima Centauri actually has a planet?







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