With all the talk about bullying by presidential candidates and bullying in schools, it made me think of the bullying that went on when I was in junior high school. Yes, I do remember having a basketball thrown at my head by Skippy Schlossberg and threats by larger male students that they would do something bad to me for one reason or another.

I did not get pummeled, nor did I take Skippy’s throwing the ball at my head lightly, as I threw it back at his head. I do remember that I had a very bad temper when people did things like that to me. There was, however, a milder form of bullying that went on called Saloojee.

In this “game” one would take a possession from a smaller and younger student and throw it over his head to another person. That would cause the younger and smaller person to run back and forth trying to get his possession back.

If you were smart enough, you faked going one way and went the other. You would then collide with the person who was supposed to do the catching. That would usually end the frolicking. Since junior high school boys have the patience of a flee, the games would usually end pretty quickly.

Saloojee did not end there. It continued somewhat in high school . It was then a bit more serious and would up with people punching each other and chasing each other off school grounds. Funny, sometimes I see Saloojee played at the major league level with some of the players. They might grab a hat or a glove and start tossing it around. In these cases, there would be three or more people playing the game. This time Salugi would end in laughter. Would that be the only bullying event now?

  • consulted the urban dictionary for the correct spelling



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