Hurricane Matthew has really done a number on most people’s everyday life. On Wednesday October 4th, Governor Haley (she’s is another story for the future) declared that there was an emergency and that people living on the coast of South Carolina should evacuate to 100 miles inland. We live 15 miles from the shore in Sun City (Bluffton SC).

Sun City has about 14000 residents. Charleston is even in a more precarious situation. They are right on the ocean and are being told that they may see the worst of the storm. Of course, the storm does not listen to any of the weather forecasts. It does whatever it does and goes from there to other options. It’s kind of like an NBA player, who feints one way and goes the other. Always remember to watch the belt when guarding an opponent in basketball. The belly does not do any feinting.

So while we are hunkered down here in Walterboro, about 55 miles north of where we live, the rest of the world goes on. Of course, we had to take our three cats with us. We also had to take their carrying cases, their litter box, their food, their poop bags, their water dish and some small treats to keep them calm. None of those things mattered.

When we arrived yesterday and finally let them out of their carrying cases, they acclimated themselves to our motel room in about 10 minutes. They appeared to be happy with their new surroundings and mindfully did their duty in the litter box.

We have had some other experiences with taking them places. We once, foolishly, took them to Myrtle Beach for a few weeks. That was pretty much a disaster. We drove them down to Sun City when we moved here last August. That wasn’t so bad, until we had to stay with them at a Hampton Inn. Besides paying extra for pets, most motels do not accept cats. Although they say that they will accept pets, they really mean dogs. Our three vagabonds are not welcome in most joints.

As we prepared to go to sleep, there is the usual padding around to see where they want to alight for the night. At first they are all on my bed. Slowly they move to Carol’s bed and when we go to sleep, they are comforted by sleeping in various repose on differing parts of our bodies. Mr. Random Numbers (age16) slept around Carol’s head most of the night. Mr. P.S. (9 years old slept in the crook of Carol’s legs. Mr. Boo Radley (age 5) sprawled on my bed. This isn’t to say that they don’t move at night. They sure do.

By this morning, they were ready to go with lots of attention getting devices like not allowing us to get to the sink, insisting on attention that we had not given them during the night and crawling in an out of their carrying cases.

Since our own little vacuum cleaner was not working, we had to borrow one from the motel to clean up the kitty litter that the boys spread on the floor. Since we cannot have people coming into our room to clean, we have to do it ourselves. It is not the first time this has happened. One of our cats loves the vacuum cleaner. The other two are frightened and disappear under our beds.

The activities that we have planned for today are to eat somewhere, go down differing aisles at Walmart than we did yesterday and maybe play little cards with our friends. There are so many people here from Charleston and Sun City, that maybe we can start up a Bingo game?



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