It has been my experience in life that those people who talk tough incessantly are really not tough. There are many public examples of this in our own history. The “law and order” crowd has usually failed to preserve law and order. The Nixon crowd with Spiro Agnew was always touting the law and order theme. Their efforts to preserve, what they saw as the failure of our country, led them to produce massive amounts of resources aimed at police across the country. It did not stop the rioting in our inner cities.

Compare the great coaches and managers in sports history. The greatest basketball coach, John Wooden rarely raised his voice to his players. His approach was subdued and articulate. Meanwhile, people like Bobby Knight, who became increasingly unhinged as he grew older has won many fewer championships than Wooden did and trails Coach K, another rather subdued person (who has won more games than anyone). How about Casey Stengel and Bruce Bochy of the Giants?

These are the kind of people that are my heroes. There have been many people in my life in education that spoke softly and carried a big stick. I have learned and lived through some rough times as a teacher and administrator in my 55 years in education. I have seen many “tough guys” as disciplinarians yell until they could hardly speak. I have seen the paddle used profusely by some. Over all, these methods have not worked. Let’s see you take a high school senior across your lap and paddle them.

Then there are those who have excuses before anything begins. This is going to be a terrible school year. These people are going to give us trouble. We can try as hard as we can, but we cannot succeed with them. The object is to speak louder and louder so that the deaf can hear you.

Now we have someone who has accused everyone in the universe of cheating, in case he loses. He is inspiring people to see this election, if he loses, as a plot against him and he will not accept a victory of his opponent. How is that for a rationalization? If he does not realize that he is setting people against each other that might be harmful to our country, then he is lacking in intelligence. If he is doing it purposefully, then he is the worst kind of human being.






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