I am not sure that this had not been at the back of my mind forever. It just came to the forefront of my brain because of the Colin Kaepernick thing. It appears that we need something that we can all be angry about. It does not mean that all of us must be angry, but a significant number of us.

Setting self-righteous indignation is a form of therapy for many people in our country. It really doesn’t have to be about politics or social problems or violent crime or any of the aforementioned. It can be about almost anything. Remember Janet Jackson mishap with her attire at the Super Bowl halftime show? Why there were people all our across our country taking sides about whether she did it deliberately or not. When we focus on these events does it kind of make us feel better about ourselves?

There must be something more to this than a simple transference of frustration with everyday life onto someone else’s shoulders. What kinds of things should we really be concerned about if not for these kind of events? How about the quality of bagels in South Carolina? The Bagel Boys go to the pool each day and walk in one of the lanes. Their constant complaint is that bagels here in South Carolina suck. The standard for bagels is New York bagels. By the way, that may be true because of the water in NYC. It has been said that it is the best water anywhere. So bagels here in SC are a curse. By the way, you can’t even get a good cup of coffee here?

So let’s get onto what really irritates people. Use your imagination.



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