A few moments ago we got an email from her daughter Adrienne that her mother Muriel Rosen has passed away. At age 99, she fell and hit her head and injured herself badly. It just happened this morning. Muriel and her husband Larry were part of Carol’s parent’s circle of friends. We were very familiar with them all and often went out to dinner with them. Most of them had graduated from high school together and were in contact with each other till they passed away.

With Muriel’s passing, all of those couples were now dead.

It means so much to us. We are now pretty much the adults now. This is a signal event telling us that our generation is the next in line. I understand that’s a negative way of looking at things, but it true. All of her friends had children. We have been in touch with them from time to time and have even visited with them. They are all about our age and are spread all around the country.

Muriel was Carol’s mom’s best friend. She maintained her snappy patter and her joyful way of describing things. We could listen to Muriel telling us stories, with her tongue firmly imbedded in her cheek, for long periods of time. She was also an exceptionally kind person.

In 2008, Muriel, then a widow, saw a truck pull up in front of her home. Her husband’s nephew

Jumped out of a car and rang her bell. He had lost everything in the Bernie Madoff scheme and had nowhere to live. Without another word Muriel took him in and allowed him to live with her for many months.

We visited her 2 years ago in her assisted living apartment. She was still cooking a few of her meals and getting around in a walker. She was very happy to see us and he took lunch in the dining room with her. I still remember her smile and her caustic way of describing things. She was a very special person and we miss her already.

Right now Carol is on the phone with both of Muriel’s daughters. We speak to them very infrequently. Carol will say her goodbyes for both of us. We will miss Muriel.


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