Somehow, we remembered being in Lake Havasu a long time ago. The town of Havasu City was not even around then. It is now kind of a modern toney Cone Island. Somehow the Havasu fathers and mothers got a hold of Disney to give them direction to make this a destination place. They did a remarkable job. The first thing you notice when you get there is the London Bridge. Can you imagine disassembling the London Bridge in London and recreate on a part of the Colorado River that feeds Lake Havasu?

There are all kinds of boats on the water, condos, resorts, docks and water sports, skidoos (not the right name). I even saw something called a fly board. It is a person on kind of to foot holds being held up by water being pumped in by a nozzle on a jet-ski. It was just amazing to watch.

The community is brand spanking new with big houses, moderate houses and small dwellings. It seems to be a haven for the old and the wealthy. We stopped in at a restaurant called the Weiner schnitzel (no schnitzel, just wieners). The interesting thing was that there were two large tables of about 20 elderly gentlemen discussing the news of the day and antique cars. Evidently this was the day of a car show. We passed some of them on the way in and out. They seemed especially happy to be in the coolness of the restaurant. It was about 104 degrees outside.

Seems like Havasu City is a retirement community with some upscale kind of living for those who have dough. It is very new and has all of the amenities that anyone can want- Walmart, Chilis, New China Buffet, MacDonald’s, Burger King, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Not tell me what else could you possibly want?

The folks at the visitor’s center were very kind and told us a bit about the London Bridge. We saw a video about how the bridge was originally created many years ago and was then replaced in the 1890’s and how it was crumbling into the Thames. For 2.7 million bucks, Mr. McCullough bought it and brought it to Havasu City. It looked like an amazing feat.

The lake is long and is fed by the Colorado River as a present from the Parker Dam. I believe it is about 35 miles long and is blue green in color. I would suggest that you take some time when you have it to come around and see it. You will never see anything like it again. Tomorrow we will endeavor to visit Oatman, an old time ghost town.



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