We hadn’t seen the mystical Sedona, AZ in 20 years. We recall its vortexes (surges of power and a kind of magnetism meeting in an around the town), its physics, palm readers, crystal ball gazers and the beautiful rustic red of the rock and the structures. The pink color of the tourist vehicles are still there. However, the town really is not there. It has been replaced by tourist venues beyond counting. There is no town square where you kind of walk around.

I had to ask an older person with a scraggly beard, no teach and wide brimmed hat what happened to the town. He told me that progress had eaten up all of the old things and replaced them with all of these new stores and tourist places. I asked if the vortexes were still a subject of discussion and he said that they were.

We took a trolley ride and saw all kinds of resorts, restaurants and a chapel on a hill that was created by a wealthy woman who had a mystical experience while touring Europe. We also saw large rock figures in the red stone that were supposed to be two nuns and the Virgin Mary and her child. I guess that’s true of so many places, especially in caverns.

We also purchased some beautiful photographs that we intend to hang in our living room. Beyond the hairpin turns and magic scenery, Sedona is just another tourist place, or destination, as they call it now. Not that I was disappointed, but it kind of jarred my remembrances of a kind of romantic place.


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