Yup, it’s over the hump day for us. Our 8th day was somewhat significant because we have been thinking about this site for a long while. The Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon is so magnificent that it would take a person months to actually see even a large part of it. The park service has figured out the most simple way of seeing all of the major points (and I do mean points) in the park.

There were large visitor centers (yes more than one), lots of lodges, places to snack and a bunch of shuttle buses going everywhere. Fortunately, we did not need to purchase anything at any of the shops. The trip from Page, AZ to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon was filled with a myriad of Native American roadside stands that sold things quite a bit cheaper than the large trading posts. We were advised by a number of Navajo people that this was going to be the case. And it was so.

We have met so many foreign visitors on the shuttles, in the snack shops and on the various stopping points along the canyon rim. They come from all parts of the world. Carol thanks them for coming to our country and they respond with kind words about America.

Now here is a weird thing. I believe that we met Mycroft Holmes along one of the trails. Carol wanted to have our picture taken with the gorge in the background. This couple, in their late 30’s agreed to do it. They were very lovely English folks. In a discussion with them we learned that the gentleman, who did not give us his name, worked for the Foreign Service. He was not very forthcoming about what he did, but did allow as how he had been posted in various places around the world, including China. Somehow we got onto the subject of t.v. shows and then the new Sherlock Holmes adventures. His demeanor changed as did the subject. That was close to the end of our conversation.

We trundled our way back to our car (so glad we could find it among the7 or 8 parking lots. We drove about 70 miles to Twin Arrow, a Navajo Casino and Hotel. This is a real cool place. It’s on to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert.


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