We headed toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s about a 3 hour jaunt over some pretty interesting roads. There are few switchbacks and lots of open space to see what the Dodge Challenger can do. I did none of that and concentrated on getting good gas mileage. That’s the trick that I learned in the Arm y driving a deuce and one half truck. It has stuck with me all of these years.

We passed some wonderful scenery and two scenic places that we really appreciated- the Vermillion Cliffs and the Cliff Dwellers. Hopefully, I will be able to send you a picture of the Vermillion Cliffs (was vermillion one of those crayons like burnt umber). We drove through lots of pasture land and signs for deer Bison and Cows. Are you kidding me? There were really cow crossings?

We got to the North Rim and did what we said we would do, sit on a chair and lounge around looking at the canyon. We listened to tales of people taking three days to cross the canyon and others who followed different trail. It was fascinating to listen to them. We have no such ardor for taking those kinds of hikes. We roamed around got some Diet Pepsi and pizza. We were there maybe 2 hours. It is not a place for people to hand around except if they are staying at the Lodge. It is not at all commercial. If you like solitude that’s the place, or is it?

We did not see any cliff dweller locations on the way out to Grand Canyon. On the way back we stopped at the motel at the Cliff Dwellers. We found out from a young lady and older gentlemen, who are travelers and skip out after the season’s end, that there are no real cliff dwellers and it was named after a lady who built a house there. These two really liked solitude.

As for the cows and their crossings, ranches have been allowed to graze their cattle on federal land since the 1880’s. Things have not changed. In summer they forage and graze along the one highway and in the winter they graze below. I wonder how the ranchers get them from place to place. Must me a cowbell.


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