As two sleepy people arise in Springdale, Utah we will probably not see this place ever again. We hope that our children and grandchildren come to see the wonders of both Zion and Bryce National Parks. We climb into our Dodge Challenger and drive over to return out keys. The desk clerk asks where we are going from here.Carol explains that we are going to Page, Arizona to see Glen Canyon and Lake Powell and the North rim of Grand Canyon. As we break the land speed record of 40 minutes out of Zion, we see a big horned sheep just looking at us and saying, “Man are we glad that these humans are leaving our habitat.”

She tells us that we should stop at Kanab (pronounced Kanab) and see the festival there. That sounds interesting to us until she says that the place we are going to Page, is a dirty no fun place. We should stay in Kanab. Since I have already plunked down dough for Page, we were interested in what it might be like in comparison to Kanab (pronounced Kanab).

Yes, festival is on at Kanab. It has little white tents with so many jewelry and craft artisans plying their wares. It is also called the Festival of the Stars. Many moons ago, lots of western movies were made there. The producer of the movies lived in Kanab. Even Ronald Reagan worded there in a movie.

There were enough six shooters on display to even make a movie today. One of the characters was Gabby Hayes.   He has been studying George, “Gabby” Hayes for years and looks just like him. I was so stunned; I could not take a picture of him. He has seen all of the movies, both non-starring and starring ones as a sidekick. He said there were over 190 of them. He had more information about Gabby than he did about himself.

Carol actually bought a butter dish. Ours had been lost in the transition to South Carolina. We heard some s**t kicking music by a trio that did a pretty good job. There were lots of people in various get ups. There was ever a magician sporting a weird top hat. We continue to search for a Native American 5 holed flute. Carol heard a woman playing it in a place called Weeping Rock in Zion. We now have to visit every gift shop from here to Las Vegas. If you have one at home, please do not tell Carol.

The trip to Page took us through the Thunderbird motel restaurant again. Our new waitress told us about problems with bullying in her school. She said that ½ of the kids drop out in middle school because of it. We were trying to ascertain who was bullying who. Turns out it’s the Anglos bullying the Navajo kids, the Navajos of different clans bullying each other. One of the bus drivers seems to bully everyone else from another Navajo clan. I am breathless just thinking about it. I wonder if that’s the complete story. Guess I will never know.

After Kanab, we drove 74 miles to Page. This is one weird place. It is a big strip mall plunked down in middle of a desert. Most of the stores are very new. We even went into a Safeway store to look around. It seemed to cater to fancy eaters and not locals. We must be in a touristy place with the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. We will find out tomorrow why we were the only Occidentals in a Chinese Buffet Restaurant.


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