Carol announced yesterday after some giant walks in Bryce Canyon that today was going to be a rest and rehab day. With that opening line, do you see where this is going? We really did luxuriate for about an hour after rising. We then went out to eat breakfast at MeMe’s café. That after looking for Rosie’s Diner which does not exist. Our son-in-law’s mom is called MeMe by her youngest grandchildren. We learned that it is a diminutive for grandmother in French.

It is a good meal and it led us to ask the question that has daunted us for many years of our marriage. “Where can we find a native American flute with 5 holes?” We have seen them from about 10 bucks to 500 dollars. There is no way of choosing which ones that we want. I am not able to play a flute because I have no idea of how to read music or why anyone would ever want to play a flute. We still have a number of days to go before we give up and get one on the net. The possibility that we might also buy some jewelry is about 99%.

After breakfast we wandered around Springdale and looked for flutes and other stuff. Springdale has 4 million tourists come through. Most of them seem to be from other lands. Most are from European countries- German, French, Italy and Netherlands. The other groups are from the Far East of Asia, no Indian folks, or Afghani, or Uzbek, or Tadzhik, or Mongol, just people from Singapore, China, Japan and others. About half of the people are from the states and they are from all over. We even met some people from Penn State (State College) who knew a superintendent who was a friend of mine. How can you beat that?

We took the shuttle into Zion again to see another part of the park that we had not seen before. It was called the Emerald Pool. It required a long walk up a higher elevation. I didn’t mind the walk up but my legs rebelled at coming down. You don’t use those muscles very often. It requires that you take a Naproxen pill every day and take a warm shower and complain to your wife that she said we were going to rest today.

Tonight, we are planning what we are going to do when we get up to Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon. I am for lying down near the pool at the place we are staying at. Carol is all for exploring all of this stuff. She is probably right. You may not get this way again.


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