Who the heck knows how to get from Springdale, Utah (Zion National Park) to Bryce Canyon in Utah? Frau Blucher (our GPS) has done us little good since we got her. She is always off message and sometimes even off our maps. We could not get her to see that we really wanted to go to Bryce Canyon when she wanted us to go to Salt Lake City.

Undeterred by our lack of understanding, we asked the person in the motel office and she have us a snap of the fingers and told us how to do it. She was right on target. The only drawback to her instructions was trying to get out of Zion National Park. The road to Bryce goes right through Zion. The switchbacks were unbelievable. The scenery could almost make you drive of into a canyon. When we approached a mile long tunnel, I had no idea how to turn on the lights in this rented Dodge Challenger. Fortunately, Carol screamed at me in just the right tone and I finally turned something that turned on the lights.

Besides the switchbacks and tunnels, we made it to a halfway point at Mt. Carmel, wherein resided the Thunderbird restaurant, motel, tsachkie shop and a snack shop. It had been started by a lady named Fern Morrison in 1931 and has grown with the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren running the place. Our waitress was a tall young woman of about 31. She was pleasant and the meal was good and plentiful. The reason I am telling you about our waitress was because when I went to the men’s room, Carol and already changed this woman’s life and the life of her and her 4 year old daughter. The only time this woman was out of Mt. Carmel was a period in St. George about an hour away and Bluffton,SC. If that sounds familiar, it is where we live. That was impossible.

We left the restaurant motel on our way to Bryce National Park. We took a shuttle in and stopped at Inspiration Point and took pictures. It is a marvel of nature. Pictures to follow. We then said that we must walk the rim of the canyon to Sunset Point .7 miles away. It seemed like a lot more than .7 of a mile. It was also without any barriers for you to fall hundreds of feet into an abyss. We watched ourselves and then came to Sunset Point. It was there that is started to rain very hard. We scrunched into a bus waiting area with a bunch of people from around the world. How do you say move over to a Chinese Gentlemen who seems to see you as an inanimate object.

The shuttle driver was a laugh a moment. He told us to get to the back of the bus and get friendly. He said not the touchy feely friendly. I actually sat next to a French lady for Brittany and had a broken French/English conversation. Carol sat next to a fellow from Berlin who was taking his 12 year old niece on a 3 week tour of the U.S. She pretty much hated everything so far except for the snacks and gift shops. That sounds kind of familiar.

We took the shuttle to the end of the line. When I got off the bus, the driver was in a big hurry and didn’t notice that I had not quite exited. As he closed the door on my arm and started to drive away, I yelled and another gentleman stopped him. I kind of scared the crap out of him. He was very solicitous. I hope he watches a bit more carefully next time. He has been driving this bus since 2000.

On our way back to our motel, we stopped at a Native American jewelry place and a rock store. There are many of those places selling pretty much the same goods. In the rock store we encountered Donn who told us that 10 years ago she almost died. She was dead for 30 minutes and thought that she had been introducing her grandma to everyone in heaven; she recovered and still believes she was in heaven. She really would like to go back there as soon as she can. I felt sorry for her and her situation. She believed that there were no accidents or coincidences. Interesting philosophy for someone who almost died.


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