I don’t think that I have ever fallen asleep with a Ferris wheel in my face. Right outside our room at Harrah’s (good deal off-season), we were facing the giant Ferris wheel which I think is a part of the New York hotel and Casino. It was beautifully lit in a plethora of colors. It also goes around at about .01 of a mile per hour. You really get a look at Las Vegas from the top.

The time changes of course screw your up royally. We are about 3 hours ahead of everyone who hasn’t been in Las Vegas for a day or two. We finally got up at our time about 9:30, checked out online and quick got our car and zoomed out of Las Vegas. Actually zooming is the wrong word. The word is getting lost while listening to our rented GPS turns us around and around. Who knew that the GPS’ name was Frau Blucher (hear the horses). We finally got out on route 15 and went like a bat out of hell. Remember, we are driving a Dodge Challenger, where the speedometer says 160 miles an hour and we are on a road that says 75 as the speed limit.

We were heading for Springdale, which is the town on the outskirts of Zion National Park. However, let me take you back a few miles to Mesquite, Nevada. There are various towns that surround rte. 15. One is St. George, which is a pretty big place. It has a Walmart, Chili’s and a strip mall of some size. Some of these towns seem to be made for retirees, or folks that just want to get away from everything.

Mesquite is one of those towns. We got off the road at about 9:30 their time to see a strange site called Casa Blanca. Yeah, I know what it means, but you don’t. Would you believe that it is an all-inclusive resort, casino, restaurant place. It sure hit the spot. It is way out where only certain sides of Route 15 can see it. You will not believe that Mesquite also has a Del Webb Sun City. I think I am going bananas.

We hit Springdale at about 12:30 went to the Majestic View Lodge, dropped off our car and took a Springdale Shuttle to Zion National Park. Springdale was not a town when we were here in 1965. I believe it was a place where people sold things on the side of the road. Now there is even a super market, a few restaurants and an elementary school. You can get mostly anything that you want here and there.

The shuttle let us off in front of the visitor’s center. Even there the park is amazing. We took a shuttle that takes you to the end of the park with a number of stops so that you can see the Emerald Pool, the Weeping Rocks, Temple of Sinawava, and so many other things. Carol was even able to do the thing that she likes best when we travel and that is to dip an appendage in the water. She has done that all over the world and in every trip that we have made. You can see her in the pictures that I have attached.

To say that I was tired of walking after a while is an understatement. We came back to the Majestic and are now contemplating what to do for supper. The view from our balcony is great and it makes me even more hungry.


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