I am no longer sure what the word politics means. I understand that many people abhor politics and do not speak of it. These kinds of people live in a world where nothing political has an effect on them. Their claim is that they are not concerned with political parties or who is running for election or who the local school board is.

Of course when their ox is gored, they suddenly rise up and become as political as any of the people that they dismiss. Let’s take a simple bus stop for example. That is something that I know something about. Bus routes for children are mapped out during the summer months. There are even computer programs that help with this process. I was always lucky to have people who understood the community and its needs.

When the first day of school appeared, one or more parents were horrified that their child had to walk one quarter of a mile to get to a bus stop. Why didn’t the bus travel up the elongated driveway to stop in front of their home? Are we to allow our children to freeze to death during a frigid day in January?

One parent, who claimed to be absolutely uninvolved in politics, was particularly furious about his bus stop. He gathered some neighbors together and approached one of the local political parties. He was going to run for school board and show those central office types what for. You guessed right. He campaigned in the primary and won. He proceeded to come to every single school board meeting to complain about the bus stop. He then went on to complain about the waste in the school district and how the taxes were too high. He won in November.

As the years went by, he became a good friend and a fine school board member. His interest in his bus stop evolved into his political growing up.

Politics is all around us. You can see them from the roads that you drive upon to the signage along route 95. When you want to build a structure on a piece of property you will go through zoning boards and commissions. There are always political hurdles to skip over.

So, you don’t have to really want to do anything political, but you do.

In this political season, you will be confronted with a definite choice between two candidates. It will not only be those two presidential candidates, but many others down the row. If you say that you will not vote, you will not have a voice in the future. I am not speaking about winning or losing by one vote. I am speaking of your involvement in what will happen in our country as a result of this election. Your voice matters more than you know.


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