I think that I have been asleep for about 20 years or so. I have just awoken from a wonderful dream filled slumber to a dystopian post-apocalyptic world. My senses are not trained to accept the things that I am seeing and hearing. The last thing that I remember was an election in which the two presidential candidates criticized each other’s positions on the economy, values, military actions, and education.

I am fearful that, like Woody Allen in “Sleeper,” I will find some people trying to clone Hitler’s nose, or being told that I must enter the orgasmatron. How did all of this happen? I now see where all of the bad language, no manners, uncivil private conversations have morphed into a public domain filled with holograms of human beings.

I am certain that the people that I see and read about are not really human, but androids created in a laboratory by a 21st century Victor Frankenstein (or Fronkensteen). The drapes are closed and one of main characters in this tragedy walks towards the audience in a cloud of noxious fumes to berate us for not liking him, or critiquing him, or not coming to his aid when others attack him.

His words are spiced with threats, self-aggrandizement, hyperbole, and narcissism. I try not to look, but I am compelled to watch this presentation. There is no end to this reality. It is as if, I am looking at a Canticle for Leibowitz with the world has been recreated from a scrap of paper that contained Leibowitz’s shopping list.

People seem to be either dancing in the streets, shooting each other, or screaming epithets across a police line. Nowhere is there any sanity. I turn the channels to try and find some calm and rational voices. Even the Saturday morning cartoons are filled with casual violence. It appears that what I first thought is true. We have become desensitized to death, violence and hysteria.

News shows seem to demonize everyone. There is not a moment when there are calm voices presenting factual information. It appears that only opinion counts.

With all of this, I crawl back into bed and hopefully, wake up in a better time.


4 thoughts on “THIS REALLY IS SCARY

  1. Don’t crawl back into bed! This is the time we need your voice! Donald Trump is a menace and a threat to the USA and the world. Many have noticed the similarities to the monster who took over Germany. Start bringing yourself up to date if you’ve really been sleeping thru all of this. The Republicans brought this monster on themselves.

  2. Been trying to make this case to you for years Arnold…I wasn’t just being a liberal partisan, I was extrapolating the trend line of Conservative talking points, issue advocacy, and of course the barometer of AM talk radio, and for all that time was viewed by many, and I suspect you too to a degree, as an alarmist who’d had too much espresso…

    So, in hindsight, do I really sound so out of touch…?

    • Mike, Never thought of you as an alarmist. I did think that you had too much expresso from time to time. Your conversations with Neal were always interesting, but I did not intrude.I haven’t seen you in a long while and don’t really disagree with anything that you have said or saying. The only thing that I might have inserted is for you to read, “Deer Hunting with Jesus,” which explains why people in rural areas of our country constantly vote against their self interest.

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