It’s about 95 degrees when we park in the large lot in front of the brewery. Actually, it was more like a theme park, than a brewery. It had all of the accoutrements of a Six Flags kind of place. It was infested with parents, grandparents and children of all ages. Remember, this is a brewery not a water park or a children’s place to go on rides.

The big glass windows show the large polished copper looking tanks with some mean tubes and pipes emanating from the tanks. We were lucky enough to find a space right in front of the souvenir shop, the tour place and the restaurant. As the six of us went inside there was a discussion of what to do first. It was closing in on 2:00 p.m. Frankly, I was hungry and wanted to eat right then. The others mewed and calculated how we were going to eat and go on the tour at the same time.

All was settled, when we learned that guided tours had a 6 month waiting list. I thought that all of the hearing challenged people with us had finally run out of battery strength. I was so wrong. The wait WAS six months. However, you could take your own silent tour and not understand anything that you were seeing. That was the decision of 4 of us, except for Bob, who could not walk on the tour and sat reading his book (I was told) on a bunch in the cool inside.

Carol and I went inside and found out that there was an hour and one half wait for a table for 6. Somehow that did not diminish my appetite. We asked if there was another way of accumulating food. We were told that there was kind of a snack place right outside in the 95 degree heat. I must admit that I was crestfallen.

We began to wait on the snack line in the sun. Carol called me over and said that one of our group had attached herself to one of those buzzing things that people give you when you have to wait till either your bladder of stomach fails. Carol mistakenly thought or misheard that we were being called to a table. We were not.

We went back outside to wait on the line again. It was longer this time. Carol found a table for us and sent a teenaged girl over to tell me that she had secured a shady place for us to sit. I finally got to order some food. The bare was meager- Carol got a wrap and I got a tuna fish sandwich without the bread.

Of course there was beer. There were over 20 choices, but no gluten free beer or lite beer. I took a chance and got a darker colored beer and ordered a pale ale for Carol. However, you see that I could not get two beers myself. The man in front of me had to show the bartender that his 85 year old wheel chair bound dad was sitting waiting for the beer. I got the bar tender (waiter) to walk me over to Carol. We ate pleasantly and drank our brews. They were o.k.

In a few moments the other four members of our group assembled near our table. They had taken the self-guided tour and were really not impressed. Bob, of course, was not impressed at all because he did not go on the tour. The tour was no longer a topic for conversation.

With a few moments of masticating and drinking beer, we strolled over to our van and headed back to the house. I believe that we were pleased to get back, because some of us went right for the nap.








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