I’ve known about this saying from my days at a political science student at the New School for Social Research in New York City. At this point I am not sure who originated the saying, Jon Stuart Mill, Ben Franklin or Oliver Wendell Holmes. No matter who said it, it means the same thing to me.  Your civil rights end at the tip of my nose.

I say this with regard to people in public and private accommodations who want to restrict their activities to those who agree with them philosophically, religiously or any other ly that you want to throw in. What can happen when we translate our bill of rights into a personal antagonism to people who don’t agree with us? Will we now have screening and testing for those who want to go into a restaurant for lunch. You think that I am kidding. I have actually seen a restaurant that only caters to Christians. I saw it in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania bout fifteen years ago. The sign lasted for only a couple of days and was then removed.

How about a car dealership here in South Carolina that displays the Confederate flag? Will car salesmen now ask you if you are a Yankee and refuse to sell you a car on that basis? Is the freedom of religion the only thing that will restrict some people from going into some places?

Where will Christian Scientists be when they are asked to have their children vaccinated and they refuse (as some have and had the state force them to do it). Just because I don’t agree with your version of freedom of religion, will you not let me into your store, your pool hall, your super market, your clothing store, your pharmacy, etc? Have we gone just a week bit batty?






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