For many years I was a subscriber to Newsweek magazine. Most of that time, there was kind of any editorial page on the last page of the magazine. I believe that every other week there was a tome by George Will. His pith analysis of the goings on in government, economics and just plain “things,” really interested me. I even started a collection of his writings.

I was even more thrilled one day, when I ran across him in the Dulles Airport and managed a weak, “How are you doing George?” He actually answered me by saying “O.K.” He seemed, at that moment to be a regular kind of guy. He wasn’t a guy who I could have a beer with, but a guy I could have a gin and tonic in the summer with. His appearance seemed to be the same as the picture on the top of his article in Newsweek.

Then, somehow all of that changed. I am not sure if was age, early onset dementia, or just a course change that he saw was needed. I don’t remember if he was a Reaganite, but his writing used to be pretty logical, even if I didn’t agree with some of them.

His pivot was to the far right. He was always pretty conservative, but never this reactionary. He suddenly hated all government programs and chastised all government spending, as well as the liberals who did not know what they were doing. He could have been the precursor to the Tea Party or even to the Brexit people. No one was as skilled as they needed to be to solve any of the world’s problems. I began to see that he was heading to an abyss and was taking certain folks along with him.

He was in the thrall of the Republican Party and not its moderates either. He divested himself of any uncommon sense that he might have had. His writings became somewhat preachy in a strange way. George was always kind of strange, but now he was cantering to the right at a rapid pace.

Now comes the crowning glory. He will no longer be a member of the Republican Party. I will be non-affiliated (whatever that means). He is through with the current crop of R’s and sees the leadership of the party, that he loved, attach themselves to a person who calls an Indiana born person of’ Mexican heritage unqualified because he would not like the wall that Trump is proposing.

Will said that, as Reagan said that he did not leave the Democratic Party, the Party left him that is the same as his saying that the Republican Party left him.

No George, they both are not that way at all. You have laid the groundwork, philosophically for the nomination of Donald Trump, now leader of the Republican Party. You may have been at the beginning of the Trump Year. Go back and read some of your stuff. Phooey on you George Will.



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