Not sure if any one remembers POST NO BILLS. In Great Britain it was PROSECUTE  BILL STICKERS. A cute rejoinder to that was FREE BILL STICKERS. In the latest round of the MAJORITY IS ALWAYS RIGHT, I hearken back to the Revolutionary War, when two thirds of the colonists were against remaining with England. I hope this sounds familiar.

The other year, when Scotland was having a referendum about staying with Great Britain, these same folks who brought you Brexit were fulminating about why Scotland should stay with the mother country. By the way, Scotland voted 60% to remain in the EU. Does this mean the complete disassembling of the country? Will we now have Northern Island having a referendum about hanging with Great Britain? Will Ireland begin to bang the drums about combining with Northern Ireland?

What about Turkey, the poor man of Europe. They have been battling to get into the EU since forever. What do we tell them about why Great Britain left? Could we now have combinations of countries that are not in the EU trying to get some trade deals together? Was all of this palaver just a way of justifying Xenophobia? No more EU, no more dusky skinned people immigrating to British soil. So answer me this. What about the over 3 million EU people who are in the British Isles. Do they get kicked out? What about the British citizens who work in the EU countries. Do they all get shipped back? Will all of these people now have to apply for work visas, or will they get tossed out on their ear when all of this comes to fruition?

How about the money? England never did get to the Euro and probably never will. What happens when it drops even further and businesses lose faith in British currency? Did the Leavers consider what would happen to the economies around the world? Did they care? Why did the young folks in Great Britain vote to stay in the EU and their parents want to leave? I saw a Facebook post by a Leaver who said that he voted for leaving because of immigration and was sure that most others did too.

Did you see what happened to your portfolio on Friday? Did the Leavers ever think that they would have such an effect on people’s savings around Great Britain and the world, or did they care? Does this mean that the United States is heading in that direction? I sure hope not, although there is talk on the presidential trail about going into turtleization of our economic ties, political ties and military ties with other countries. Almost sounds like the post-World War I philosophy of keeping to ourselves. Now, how did that work out? Do you know about World War II?

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