Despite the pusillanimous purveyors of perfidy and the nabobs of negativism, American exceptionalism is still the hallmark of our great land. Regardless (not irregardless which is not a word) of the monumental crap being thrown around by a group of sour faced nudnicks, we are as great as we always have been.

This is just another time in our history when the critics are louder than the defenders of our way of life. If you think this has not happened before, you are sadly mistaken. Surely, you understand that we have had our ups and downs. I hope that we remember that we came close to destroying our country during the Civil War. This is not to say that we have not had serious discussions about the direction of the country. There is that going on right now.

I do, however, resent the pile of doom mongers who write books, write words and appear as sages on the little box in the living room sending us off into the maelstrom.

No matter, how we describe ourselves, conservatives, nihilists, liberals, libertarians, socialists, reactionaries, etc., we know that our country may have problems, but we are still trying to solve them. This is not to say that there was a time in our history when we did not have a large debt (we did), or that we had massive unemployment (25%), or fought two world wars. Even the destruction of the twin towers, we managed to come together. It may be true that I am an optimist, or maybe even Pollyanna, but we are still standing tall.







3 thoughts on “THE U.S. IS NOT BROKEN

  1. And we will continue to stand tall, even as some of those big-mouths try to suggest otherwise. If we could just work together toward improving those things that have problems, it would make so much more sense. Keep on writin’…keep on keepin’ on.

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