Since being in the South for about 9 months, we have gestated into a language change that includes calling people by Mr. This and Miss that. I have a feeling these are old timey southern expressions that come to us from plantation days. It is a cultural thing here in South Carolina and people from all strata of society seem to use it.

Hillary’s real background is not Arkansas, New York or Washington D.C. Her dad was from Scranton, PA and she was raised in the Chicago area. What you have to know about her is that her family was from Scranton. That will tell you about her politics, her connections to others of her ilk, and what hides in her brain far from her Wellesley education. It’s “the coal country mentality.”

Miss Hillary is more than just a woman running for President of the United States, but a true child of the area that her family came from. If you want to know others like her, there is always Dan Flood, Bob Casey Sr., and Bob Casey Jr.; there is always Joe Biden, William Scranton Sr. William Scranton Jr. and Robert Reich.

Hillary spent some of her childhood in the area and the politics must have rubbed off on her. There is no way to compare her to any other political candidate. How many talking heads have spoken about the clothing that other presidential candidates have worn? Hillary has been described as being over dressed, lacking in taste, and bad with makeup, poor hair styles and unsuitable shoes. I guess no one sees any of the other candidates as worthy of description.

Hillary bothers lots of people She even bothers me sometimes. She really has no idea how to shout out her punch lines. She prefers irony to physical humor (as other candidates do), or to bald faced humor. She elicits no guffaws, but expects lots of huzzahing and hand clapping.

In the face of criticism, she relies on quasi simplistic statements about policy and statesmanship. She has been characterized as a policy wonk. With all of her experience, why isn’t she called a policy expert? Try that one on for size.

Why don’t young women like her? I can tell you that I have run into the same thing in education. Young women aspiring school administrators cannot understand the terrible things that their foremothers went through to get administrative jobs. They believe that since the road has been cleared for them, and that no one really is concerned about discrimination in hiring of women administrators, that older women are just be quiet and go into retirement. I have seen it quite often.


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