I don’t often take potshots at individual people. I have however, taken a blast at Bernie and I am almost at a point where I want to describe Miss Hillary (a southern expression). I am not as interested in the negative things Donny has said about a large swathe of people, but the words that he uses and the hand signals.

Donny went to a lily white private school in Kew Garden Hills, Queens, N.Y. I am familiar with Kew Forest School because I played basketball with some of their graduates. I am afraid that Donny would not have lasted in a “Doin the Duzzins,” confrontation with any of his classmates, certainly not with the kids in my high school or up in Haarlem.

His name calling is especially interesting to me.

He has used school yard words, or gang words to describe people. If you want a full boat look at these kinds of nicknames that he applied to other candidates, see the Godfather series 1-3, or analyze this with Billy Crystal. How about Mitt “the Penguin, Romney, “Crooked” Hillary, Little Marco Rubio, Carly “the Face,” Fiorina, Lyin Ted Cruz, Ben the “No Energy” Carson, Jeb, “Low Energy” Bush, “Chokin” Mitt Romney, Albert “The Nose,” Caruso (sorry got my movie in there).

Donny also uses superlatives, unbelievable, tremendous, can’t believe, everyone knows, dish it out, take a punch, and great negotiator. He stacks up his background against almost anyone and anything by using these words to show his own talents and demeaning the talents of others.

He is also a whiz with his hands. When he is making a point he seems to be giving himself the high sign, the circle with his thumb and forefinger and the other three digits akimbo. He raises and lowers his hands when he wants to escalate the words that he is using to a crescendo. You will never see him use his hands to hug people other than his family. Have not heard that he is a germophobe.

Watch for these things next time he speaks about his former enemies, who are now supporting him.








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